Dr. Bill Atwood

At least he’s not her

By Dr. Bill Atwood

A few years ago Bob Beckel, a vehement liberal, was serving as a pundit on Fox News and I always enjoyed his take on things. One day he spent time putting the spin on one silly thing after another the administration had done, when he looked at conservatives on the show and told them that he wished the administration would shut up simply because he was finding it more and more difficult to defend them.

I understand his thinking. I just wish The Donald wouldn’t give so much fodder to the other side and Hillary. The liberal-biased national media uses any little thing Trump may utter and blows it out of proportion so they can ignore the real news and dirt created by Hillary and her team.

First, the leftists love to state Hillary did not actually do anything but an aide did. They also blame the aide for sending information, or the aide knew but Hillary did not. They state that Hillary never would have given such a directive. Those same left-leaning blame deniers can’t really think George Bush climbed up onto the naval ship and hung the banner “Mission Accomplished,” but they blamed George.

Bill and Hillary are not held accountable for anything by their minions who seem to do everything but drool at the mention of their names. Ask the women sexually abused by Bill and publicly attacked by Hillary as she defended her husband. He was the guy who forced an intern in the Oval Office to engage in oral sexual relations. Ask Vince Foster’s family and ask the family of the girl who was raped by a man that Hillary got off on a technicality.

Meanwhile, Donald’s blatherings gave cover to the stories this week about the $400 million bucks ransom paid in unmarked bills and delivered in the dead of night on an unmarked plane while four Americans waited for the plane to deliver the loot.

We now see emails from Hillary and her top aides doing big favors for donors to the Clinton Global Foundation. We see Hillary and her team getting jobs for somebody who was loyal but now in need of work.

We are now learning that Seth Rich, who worked for the DNC, was gunned down in June in what was called a robbery that wasn’t really one. It seems the killer shot him in the back and left his wallet, watch, and jewelry. The founder of Wikileaks is offering a reward as it is being hinted that Rich may have been the leak who got those DNC emails to Wikileaks. Seth and Vince may have something in common.

Hillary talked about her short circuit moment when she lied to Chris Wallace about her emails. She dismisses that it was only three emails that were classified. Only three? Tell that to the family of the Iranian spy who was executed because of his work for the U.S. betrayed in the Clinton emails.

Only three? Imagine if during World War II three certain letters had fallen into enemy hands. My examples? Plans for Colonel Doolittle’s raid on Tokyo, the timing of the D-Day invasion, or the dropping of the atomic bomb? Gee; it was only three. She put this nation and our intelligence agency personnel at risk to hide her sleazy deals.

I laugh when the former community organizer and now others announce that Hillary is the most qualified person ever nominated for the office of president. I guess when Barack Obama was smoking weed in college on a regular basis he missed some history lessons. The weed wiped out in Barry’s brain names such as Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Madison, Lincoln, and many others. Check the Russian reset button Barry.

Hillary’s folks made sure to have the father of the Orlando killer in a place of honor behind her while she campaigned in Florida. That should help the families of the victims.

Hillary states she doesn’t want to abolish the Second Amendment Rights of Americans. She will leave that up to the Supreme Court Justices she wants to appoint to do that dirty work.

So Hillary attacks women who were sexually assaulted and complained about the attacks, exalts the killer’s father of the Orlando victims, wants to stop the coal mining industry, wants to raise taxes to give away stuff to non-working folks, loves the right to kill unborn babies when they are inconvenient, wants open borders without background checks, was for the trade agreement before she was against it, created more unrest in the middle east with her Libyan actions, won’t name our greatest enemy of terrorists, takes money from foreign countries for her family foundation then helps them out with State Department rulings, and her defenders think we are nuts to vote for Trump?

He isn’t my favorite but he isn’t her. I just wish he would stick to the script.