Dr. Bill Atwood

Nanny state

By Dr. Bill Atwood

A week ago I was reading the Dear Amy column in the Fresno Bee when one letter stood out. In it the 25-year-old son who had just graduated from college was facing a dilemma. He had lived in government subsidized housing all his life and the last 16 years in the same unit. Since he was now heading away to a different location to work and live his mother was going to be forced to live in a smaller unit and would have to move. He did not know how to help her transition into the new unit.

Amy suggested a couple of books and that the son help mommy look for a new subsidized complex. I saw the situation differently than Amy.

I figured that the graduate’s mommy was 18-20 when she gave birth as a single mom to this boy. Since he is 25 it means that she has been on the government dole for the past 25 years or longer. That’s half the time frame since LBJ’s Great Society started this welfare nanny state garbage.

So 25 years and this woman hasn’t figured out how to get a good paying job and actually supporting herself and her son - 25 years to get training in a job skills class at government expense using the welfare as a “hand up” instead of a “Hand out.” The situation tells me that this 45 or so aged woman will spend the next 30-40 years in government housing and you and I will pay the freight.

The great tragedy of all this is that the framers of The Great Society have destroyed the black family as they knew it and the Great Society created a dependent class of people who now rely solely upon the government to survive.

The welfare laws were written in such a way that a woman who was pregnant or a mother would receive more money if the father of the child was not in the home. The intention was to help make up for the dads non-involvement. The well intended plan simply made it financially better for the dad to disappear. Now more than 70% of black households do not have fathers.

Other well intended programs make it financially better to be on the dole rather than on a payroll. Unemployed? Free or reduced housing. Here’s free medical care. Free dental care. Food Stamps, hot lunches and breakfast for your kids each school day and free lunches during the summer. Free Obama phones. Free tuition. Extra money (50%) on government rebate programs such as the Cash for Clunkers car turn in plan. It has been reported that a person would need to earn $22an hour in order to pay for the stuff you get for free when you are on welfare and the people aren’t stupid. Why take a $15 per hour job?

Why does one party do the give-aways? They have created a dependent class that will always vote for the progressive/liberal politicians who promise more. Mitt Romney talked about the 47% and was slammed in the press for that comment. Well, we are almost at 47%.

Hillary wants to give people free stuff in exchange for their vote. She enjoys being the master of the plantation and her party leaders have enslaved a huge part of our citizenry in order to garner more votes. They even want to promise illegal aliens all the goodies and the right to vote as well. Remember that if they get rid of voter ID requirements anyone may commit fraud and vote.

Who pays for all this? Those of us who work and we are becoming smaller in number. At some point even the liberals will realize that the fair share of taxes they always demand will be approaching a point where the workers will stop working and then the takers will be ordered to work at the point of a gun.

They won’t be able to fight back because the liberals will have banned you from having a gun or buying bullets.

The government role of taking a “fair share” from the working class to give to the “taking class” reminds me of an old political catch phrase - “From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs” which was made popular by Karl Marx in 1875. Lenin referred to this concept of socialism as a primary part of communism.

Please remember that Marx and his co-author Engals used the phrases socialism and communism interchangeably.

The 25-year-old graduate I began this column with needs to be concerned more that his mother has been enslaved by a dogma that will keep her dependent. I hope when he begins to earn a good salary and pays taxes his votes will go to people who believe in a temporary helping hand and not a permanent crippling government nanny state.

Socialism and Communism just don’t work.