Dr. Bill Atwood

Lying Hillary

She’s worse than we could even have imagined. Hillary Clinton is a liar. She and her most ardent supports believe that she is entitled to sit in the Oval Office and so whatever she or Bill have done, or will ever do, is acceptable.

On June 27 Hillary was on stage with lying Elizabeth Warren. It was a fitting reunion of the Liar’s Club. Warren lied about her heritage to garner votes in her senate race.

Warren has made a ton of money on investments in a very capitalistic manner and yet attacks capitalism as mean-spirited. She is a liar and she does well standing next to the better liar, Hillary.

Hillary’s stances on political issues change with every polling group. She has no core values. She pretends she does but look at her record on the Russian reset, gay issues, abortion, taxes, trade, the wars, as well as her dismal record as secretary of state. Her stances are lies.

In her June 27 speech, Hillary talked about the wild accusations that have been hurled at her for the past 25 years. She states this is why people don’t trust her. Those darn false accusations are so mean from the vast right-wing conspiracy. Let’s look at just some of the charges.

When she was in the White House creating a plan for Universal Health Care, she held all the meetings in secret. She claimed transparency but she did not act with any.

When Bill-the-predator was carrying on his adulterous lifestyle and got caught with his pants down, Hillary attacked his accusers and went after them with a vengeance, all while claiming to be a champion of women. She’s a liar.

When there were questions about the Rose Law Firm billings, she covered up the details and it led to the suspicious suicide of Vince Foster, her attorney.

Whitewater also comes to mind. Hillary and Bill covered up the facts with lies and Foster took those secrets to the grave with him.

Hillary still hasn’t explained how she took $1,000 and in only 10 months made $100,000 in stock commodities trading, which is a one-in-a-billion probability without illegal insider information. Lies.

She attacks the wealthy but is a part of the 1% she detests. She claims to be an enemy of Wall Street but took millions in speaking fees for the speeches she delivered to them but refuses to share with us. Some transparency.

I would love to read a speech that attacks a group delivered in front of that group who pays her millions to tell them that they are dirty scoundrels. That’s quite a talent.

Hillary’s brother, Tony, got a job as a consultant for a mining operation in Haiti despite absolutely zero knowledge of that industry. The only thing he had to know was the Clinton phone number. Her brother Hugh was paid $400,000 to help a felon get a pardon from then President Clinton. Is there a pattern here?

The Clinton Global Foundation, which funds very generously the travel of the entire Clinton family, collects millions from countries and people who had business before the United States and required state department acceptance. Bill Clinton’s speaking fees drastically increased once Hillary was the head of the state department.

Her emails are a scandal despite what others want to sweep under the carpet. She violated the rules and laws and put this nation’s security at risk to protect herself and her crooked ways from coming to light. She promised transparency but she and her liar-laden staff hide and refuse to testify. Emails are now coming out that show her intent and that government business was indeed carried on her private server, which had been stored in a Colorado bathroom.

Now on to Benghazi. While four brave Americans were under attack that lying secretary of state sat in a meeting for more than two hours (during the actual attack), discussing the political strategy and the excuse of the video and did nothing to send any help to our guys while they were defending the embassy.

The liar actually called her daughter and told her it was terrorism as well as another world leader, and then Hillary used the video to protect the community organizer’s re-election. That action alone is criminal. She allowed her political gains and those of Barack Obama to be more important than the safety of our troops and our nation. Then to compound it further, she looked family members in the eyes at Andrews AFB when the bodies came back from Benghazi and promised to punish those who did this. Liar.

What difference does it make? Instead of living at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, I would suggest she live in her home state of New York at the Clinton Correctional Facility.