Dr. Bill Atwood

And now, Orlando

The Twin Towers, the Pentagon, Fort Hood, San Bernardino, Flight 93, Little Rock, Boston, and now Orlando. Each of these places is now connected by being targets of Radical Islamic Terrorism. The president won’t utter the words, nor will the presumptive nominee for the Democratic party, but everyone else knows that the terrorist acts committed by the yellow-bellied cowards who did these things are all connected by the ideology of radical Islamic terrorists.

On 9/11 we all stood with New Yorkers as they had to deal with the fall of the Towers. We cried for those in the Pentagon as well as those, who with Todd Beamer, said,“Let’s roll,” and they thwarted the attack by driving the aircraft into the ground.

While one person in America still calls the Fort Hood massacre an “example of workplace violence” and his daughters are protected by Secret Service agents, the rest of the nation recalls that the killer had converted to the radical Islamic faction of his faith. The Boston Marathon was rocked by bomb blasts set by two brothers who had converted to that same radical Islamic thinking.

Two sickos in San Bernardino decide to kill fellow workers at an office party because of their conversions to radical Islamic thinking. Now 49 of our fellow citizens are dead because, while they were out at a nightclub in Orlando enjoying friends on a pleasant Saturday evening, a radical Islamic terrorist using an automatic weapon sprayed the place with bullets while shouting out his praises to Allah. Fifty-three others were injured in that attack and some of those may die in the next few days.

ISIS has taken responsibility, the gunman had called in the shooting in advance to 911, the witnesses heard his praises to Allah, the FBI had questioned him a few years ago, and still the White House ignores the connection to radical Islamic terrorism.

Our oval office occupant referred to the act as terrorism as well as an act of hate. The hate aspect because the nightclub was a very popular spot for the gay community in Orlando and so the former community organizer wants to use this tragedy as an example of angst against the LGBT members of our society, as well as his usual attack on the law-abiding citizens who enjoy their Second Amendment right to bear arms.

By the way, the radical Islamic terrorist who did the killing legally bought the guns in the past few weeks and I understand was working as a security guard even after the FBI had investigated this man for ties to terrorist groups. I guess the Obama Homeland Security folks dropped the ball again. Secondly, it doesn’t matter to me that those gunned down were gay. They were fellow citizens who were just out having a good time and should be safe from harm.

No gun law would have prevented this from happening. ISIS would have seen to it that this radical Islamic terrorist was armed. I just wonder how different things would have been in Orlando at 2 a.m. Sunday morning if just one or two of our fellow citizens had been carrying a concealed weapon? Two or three might have died, perhaps 10, but then the gunman would have been gunned down. I notice that those in Washington D.C. screaming for guns to be controlled all have armed security guards.

Until the oval office is occupied by an individual who is able to name the enemy of this nation, there will be zero chances of ending these attacks by the radical Islamic terrorists. These terrorists have high-jacked a part of Islam and must be stopped, but we must identify the enemy before we can end their reign of terror.

Our fellow citizens were gunned down for no other reason than the radical Islamic terrorists wanted to make a political statement. Our country needs a leader who will send the message that we will hunt down those terrorists wherever they choose to hide - in caves, under rocks, or in the sewers, and we will ferret them out and destroy them.

The terrorists do not fear the wrath of the United States because we haven’t shown that wrath. Our lame duck won’t even dare to call them radical Islamic terrorists so nothing will happen except to call for tighter gun controls on us and to push the LGBT political agenda.

My prayers go out to the victims and their families. Today we are all citizens of Orlando.

Just remember that Sasha and Malia’s daddy still thinks that “global warming/climate change” is a greater danger to us all rather than the radical Islamic terrorists. I doubt the families of the 100-plus victims in Orlando see climate change in that same way today.