Dr. Bill Atwood

Politics, as usual

We have been witness to some interesting events in the world of politics the past few days. Last week I took the time to honor the great folks who have served as president of the United States and their devotion to serving the public.

During the past two weeks we saw Bernie and Hillary at a debate with nary a question from a moderator about Hillary’s e-mail scandal, the Benghazi investigations, the Clinton Global Foundation scandal, or their stance on abortion. Hillary cites murder rates in the USA. 30 dead each day but 20 are by suicide. Eight or nine of the remaining 10 are gang related. She acts horrified. Never mind that more than 3,000 innocent babies are killed every single day by their mother’s choice and Hillary celebrates that carnage, even the late term abortions.

Hillary is allowed to sidestep questions about her lack of trustworthiness and Bernie gets to state that he would grow the Federal Government by leaps and bounds without ever really telling the American people what it will do to this country.

Hillary has found herself so busy that she just couldn’t watch a two hour movie on the 13 hours of attack in Benghazi that took place while our brave guys were attacked, four killed, the defenders fighting against great odds and Hillary and the community organizer did not order a single plane or troop into the area. Barry was packing for his fund raiser in Las Vegas and Hillary was busy sending unsecured e-mails. Orders never came to “send in the cavalry’ whilst the planes were on the tarmac waiting for the okay. Hillary and Barry better hope that if they ever are threatened by terrorists that somebody will send in help. But what difference does it make?

Hillary, once touted as the smartest woman on the planet Earth, violated our national security for her convenience and more than one thousand classified messages were sent and stored on her personal server and cellular phone. I know the misdirect from the Clinton’s, “Nothing was marked classified and Secretaries Powell and Rice did the same thing.”

Wrong. Powell and Rice never had a private server storing their information and Hillary knows that. Messages are not marked classified. The material within the message is what makes it classified and the smartest woman on the planet Earth should have been able to discern classified and top-secret information on her own. When you hear certain private information you know right then and there to not allow that information to leak out.

The Clinton Foundation was receiving donations and the impeached former president earned huge speaking fees from folks who had business before the state department. Time after time it seems that those who donated or hired slick Willie to talk got favorable treatment from the Department of State. Coincidence? I think not.

Bernie wants to give away the store. Hillary stated his plan would grow government by at least 40% and Bernie did not argue that number. Apparently the fewer than 600 billionaires in this country are going to fund everything. Combined they have about $2.2 trillion dollars. Take everything from them and Bernie’s giveaways still need funding.

Remember that the problem with Socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.

Whatever happened to the simple concept that if you wanted something you got a job and you earned the money and you saved for it and then you got to enjoy it. Now everyone feels entitled to the Bernie give-away. I wonder if the local supporters of Socialism are ready to treat our homeless population to “three hots and a cot” in their own homes? When they have their monthly Saturday morning breakfast meeting they could round everyone up and treat them to a hearty breakfast.

The fireworks sure flew at the Republican Debate last Saturday. The moderator lost control quickly and the gloves were off. Trump showed himself to be a bully who acts like a rude child when others are speaking.

We lost Justice Scalia on Saturday and his conservative beliefs of “Originalism” regarding the Constitution. Senate Leader McConnell is going to stop any hearings to allow for the appointment of another Justice until after Jan. 1, 2017. The community organizer will fulfill his constitutional duty to offer a name for consideration by the Senate. I agree that it is mean politics, however, you folks who are mad at McConnell sure found it okay for Harry Reid to block legislation and refuse to advance items onto the Senate floor. Mitch learned well from Harry.

Meanwhile, brave police officers have been killed in the line of duty and the White House hasn’t issued a statement or sent a representative to the funerals. Obama still wants to wage his war against law-abiding gun owners while terrorists groups are expanding with terrorist cells now located here in America.

Only 264 more days until the election.