Dr. Bill Atwood

Beware of tricks

This Saturday is Halloween and many of the young ones in our community will be out enjoying the annual “Trick or Treat” experience. They will either go door to door in the neighborhood or attend school or church sponsored events. Please drive with a great deal of care that evening as the youthful excitement along with the costumes and masks that restrict eyesight could prove to create an unpleasant event with real blood rather than makeup.

At this time of the month we become accustomed to being scared by creatures, ghosts, ghouls, goblins, and witches. We smile because it brings back memories of our childhoods and the joy of getting all those treats from strangers simply for saying those wonderful words, “Trick or Treat.”

What scares me more than the treaters on Halloween are the scary beings that are our leaders in Sacramento and Washington, D.C. They are the creatures that I fear. The ghouls who find it acceptable to slaughter 3,500 innocent babies every single day and celebrate that mass carnage as “choice” and then support the ghouls who prey upon us offering to buy and sell body and organs from those precious babies in order to get a newer Lamborghini.

When people cry out in the wilderness at the wrongness of killing the innocent those who cry out are labeled bigots.

There are some in Washington who act as modern day goblins. Goblins were characters in the stories told during the Middle Ages who were ascribed various abilities (sometimes conflicting), temperaments, and appearances.

Gee ... during many of her campaigns we have seen Hillary rebrand herself with differing abilities such as world leader and then as a cookie baking mom. We have seen her changing temperaments from her cold and icy attitudes and stares to the sweet and smiling type when surrounding by lemmings at her campaign stops. She can talk about her dear mother and grandparents with the same mouth that showed her lack of compassion when she uttered, “What difference does it make?” Maybe she could be connected to the witches but with a different spelling; such as “Which Hillary is this Hillary?” or “Which position will Hillary speak of today?” or “Which accent will Hillary fake today?”

Then we think about the ghosts. Those creatures that seem to be there doing stuff but seem to vanish into thin air. Such are the ghosts in the IRS. Lois Lerner conducted a wonderful campaign to cheat conservative groups of private citizens from exercising their right of free speech by delaying tactics used in the granting of Tax Exempt Status. The effects were seen in those groups not being able to conduct business of a political group. The evidence vanished like a ghost when dear sweet Lois ordered her computer wiped clean. She slipped through the system like a ghost and her friends in the Democrat Party at the DOJ made sure her actions disappeared into the night by announcing that there were not going to be any charges filed. Lois must have had a really great chit up her sleeve to make that vanishing trick occur. Frankly a child who refuses to make their bed or clean their room who gets a weekend detention will serve a stiffer sentence than Lois.

The monsters in the leadership positions that scare us with images that are designed to frighten are also very menacing. They tell us stories that divide us as a people rather than making us feel safer with one another. They fill us with fears that without their help and assistance we are doomed against the “bogey man” AKA; the stern realities of life. They lie to us about the cures and act as kindly people offering us a bite of the apple such as offered to Snow White without telling us about the poison contained within.

Bernie promises that all the freebies will be paid for by the billionaires. His poisonous socialism is a lie. If we confiscated every single penny owned by the billionaires in this country it would total $2.2 Trillion. Bernie’s poisonous apple will cost $18 Trillion over the next ten years. Bernie’s economic theory is simple, “From each according to his ability; to each according to his needs.”

Sorry Bernie that sounds like Communism to me. He hides Karl Marx behind the mask of a kindly grandfatherly type.

Don’t let them trick you when they offer treats.