Dr. Bill Atwood

True colors

The president showed more of his true colors this past week about his feelings toward the United States of America. It dawns on me that I haven’t heard him ever speak of this country or my fellow citizens with a zeal that communicates a love of this country that goes deep into his soul.

The tragedy in Oregon occurs and while the campus police and local coroner are struggling to get the bodies identified and families notified it was our president who blatantly announced it was time to make the shooting political. He did not show sensitivity in his comments but showed his adherence to the Rahm Emanuel adage, “Never let a crisis go to waste.” He announced his intentions to go visit the families of the victims and most were repulsed by his comments and refused to be with him. Those people were burying their loved ones and he wants to use the deaths as fodder for gun control.

The former law professor needs to read the Second Amendment. Actually he needs to read the entire Constitution and then understand how the federal government is to be limited in its reach and control of the citizens. The problem with the former Barry Soetero is that he thinks he is the smartest guy in the room and sadly he rarely is.

The Second Amendment doesn’t provide gun ownership for hunting purposes or sport. It provides for gun ownership for two reasons: self-defense against bad guys and self- defense against an overreaching well-armed government. The president and his backers cannot name one single solitary law they could pass that would have prevented this recent shooting, or the shooting at Sandy Hook, Aurora, or any other attacks such as those. Not a solitary one except complete and total confiscation of every weapon held by every person living here. The fact is that 99.8% of guns and gun owners will never be involved in a crime and yet the gun haters want to step all over sacred rights guaranteed by the Constitution because of a false hope that there will be no more violence. Look at Chicago and see what strict gun control does for the citizens. Now he wants to use executive action to further restrict our rights. What next?

The president’s people want to see Sgt. Bergdahl avoid punishment for his treason. All this because the Commander in Chief rushed the parents of Bergdahl to the Rose Garden to taut the release of the little traitor in exchange for five terrorists. The recent release of a terrorist got us nothing in return, but Barry feels good about it.

The president’s Middle East policy shows the effectiveness of leading from behind. I wish he and his team would learn the phrase, “Hope is not a strategy.” He thinks the Russians are weak. How idiotic.

We had in Mariposa a wonderful deputy sheriff involved in an incident perpetrated by a guy who wanted to negatively engage a law enforcement office, and once engaged he shot that deputy in the face and upper torso. Not a word from Washington. The killing of a college student in San Francisco by an illegal five-times-deported criminal brought nothing from Washington. We saw his reaction toward Trayvon and Michael Brown’s family but in those cases he could attack those who protect us.

When bad things happen we look to leaders to offer comfort and encouragement. This administration uses the sad facts to raise more money for their causes and use the issue to divide us as a people. Michelle Obama had stated she had never been proud of being an American until her hubby was elected.

The president had sat in a church for 20 years with a pastor who ranted against America. The president has friends who are former terrorists who have bombed buildings here and who have been involved in riots and killings of citizens. The president usurps his powers and knows that a lapdog national media will ignore his actions and he defies laws by executive action or telling federal agents to not enforce them.

George Soros hates America and found someone to place into office to undermine us. Barry grew up hating America and has no fond recollections of greatness of America, and so Barry does George’s will.

January 2017 won’t be here soon enough.