Dr. Bill Atwood

Real American patriots

Tomorrow, Sept. 11, is Patriot’s Day. It became that in the popular culture following the attacks on the United States by the terrorists who commandeered American passenger planes into the World Trade Center Towers and the Pentagon. The other intended target, the Capitol, was spared by the fact that the passengers retook their plane and it was driven into the ground in Pennsylvania.

More than 3,500 innocent lives were taken that day by those acts and the nation saw the life-saving bravery of the emergency personnel who directed 45,000 people out of the buildings while almost 500 of the rescuers were killed performing their heroic deeds.

That day we saw that we were more alike than different and in the dust of New York; it was hard to tell what race a person was. We were Americans and many became far more patriotic that day than they had demonstrated for some time.

On Patriot’s Day we need to look at the contributions of the patriots that bless us with their acts, who speak out for the common folks and are ready to take the fallout from their actions.

Veterans. The name alone shows they walked the talk.

Martin Luther King Jr. was sent to jail numerous times as he defied the laws of cities and counties in his quest for civil rights for minority Americans. He was killed by a hater of his cause but King’s work and dream live on.

King encouraged non-violent public dissent but also reminded his followers that they had to accept responsibility for their actions and the criminal punishment for their protests. He did and people saw that he walked the talk.

Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on the bus because she was tired. She hadn’t started out the day to become a Civil Rights icon but after her arrest, trial, and her punishment were over people saw that small lady as a giant because she walked the talk.

Bishop E.W. Johnson and more than 20 other black pastors are showing themselves to be patriots as they are demanding that The Smithsonian Institution remove the bust of Margaret Sanger from their museum honoring women. Sanger was the founder of the organization that is now known as Planned Parenthood.

Bishop Johnson and the others want her bust removed because Ms. Sanger was a racist who encouraged abortions as a means to lessen the population of black Americans.

Bishop Johnson is being targeted by liberal groups who are trying to state he is against women’s issues. Actually; he is just in favor of human life; opposing what the Supreme Court ruled. He gets attacked in the media but because he walks the talk he is a patriot.

Kim Davis, the county clerk who is standing up for her faith finds herself in a hornet’s nest but also in jail for her beliefs and actions. Her plight is a direct result of what happens when five “wise” lawyers, led by Justice Kennedy, pervert the constitution to suddenly discover a right to “gay marriage” and “usurp the role of the states.”

Whether or not you believe that Mrs. Davis, as an elected official, must live under the rule of law and either resign or issue the licenses as many do, you need to appreciate her willingness to accept the consequences of her stand.

She was threatened with jail and off to jail she has gone. An American woman sent to jail for abiding by her faith because five lawyers ruled in the manner they ruled. She has shown that she walks the talk.

Perhaps Mrs. Davis took lessons from President Obama who ignores enforcing laws he doesn’t agree with, even his own Obamacare. No jail for him. No jail for IRS agents. No jail for Lerner. No charges for Hillary. No, they claim to accept responsibility, but accept zero penalties. They don’t walk the talk.

Veterans, emergency responders ,Dr. King, Parks, Bp. Johnson, and Davis are Patriots.

Remember the real American patriots on Friday.