Dr. Bill Atwood

Stinking like garbage

If you were a fan of the great television series, “The West Wing,” you learned about the workings of a White House administration from an insider’s point of view. While the stories were fictional, the writer’s paid great attention to detail about the leadership and politics of a presidential administration. One of the actions we learned about was the “Friday Night Document Dump.”

This referred to the timing of the administration releasing data or documents on a Friday evening, which meant the morning shows and evening newscasts would not have covered the items when most Americans are watching because many of us turn to our weekend activities around noon on Fridays. By the time we are listening to the news on Monday, the administration hopes the news cycle has moved on.

The same tactics are used by both political parties in campaigns, as well. Such were the actions of the Hillary Clinton machine this past Friday. They released many pages of e-mails that show that she did conduct state department business on her personal server, as she has told us she never used a government server during her tenure. Her position as our Secretary of State means that a great deal of her e-mail would be classified, and would be of interest to our enemies. Her server would be an easy target for hacking.

General David Petraeus was indicted and found guilty of a crime for violating the security rules of the United States and the Obama Administration clearly signed off to Eric Holder’s Justice Department to bring the General to justice. Hillary has done worse and now we know her attorney has a thumb drive with all of her files and e-mails in his possession, another criminal act, and yet the Lynch DOJ is looking at it.

Hillary refuses to talk, and her lapdog press buddies cover up her failings. Her campaign “released” her medical information. Not really - they released a doctor’s note telling us the “Doctor deems her fit to serve as president.” A note from the doctor? Really?

Hillary and Bill finished the Friday Night Dump with a release of their tax information. Over $140 million dollars made writing a book that flopped in sales, talking to folks about thinking about running for president at $250,000 per speech, to Bill Clinton selling himself to the highest bidders since he had a cozy relationship with the sitting Secretary of State. People who paid him had many positive changes in how the USA dealt with them after Bill was paid.

Liberals still follow the Clinton’s without questions. Even her supporters have a difficult time naming one thing great she did while Secretary of State. Her Senate career was less than stellar.

The leftist’s point to the Clinton’s support of women’s issues and support for the average working person. Bill Clinton had oral sex with an intern in the Oval Office thereby tainting her for the rest of her life. He had others but vows and oaths mean nothing to Bill and Hillary. The working people know that a person who made what the Clinton’s made in the last eight years had to make $33 per minute of every day for eight years. Little wonder she can afford $600 haircuts.

She is hiding the truth and her minions are trying to dodge and weave in order to fool the masses. She and Bill are in it for Hillary and Bill.

The liberals are dumbfounded as to how to respond to the video tapes of the doctor’s from Planned Parenthood. If you despise the taping then please apologize for mentioning the Romney 47% comment, the investigative reporting done for 30 plus years by “60 Minutes,” or the use of the Watergate Tapes by the Congress to bring down the Nixon administration.

Hillary dumps data, the administration faults another video maker, and the ghouls at Planned Parenthood sip wine, eat salad, sell human body parts and negotiate for expensive cars.

Last week’s actions by Hillary stink like garbage and belong in the “dump.”