Dr. Bill Atwood

Amazing what we know

This past week has exposed some shocking information to the American populace.

We now know the party believes that we should pass legislation to see what is in the legislation now wants to have Congress pass the law that will accept the nuclear deal with Iran. We know there are at least two side deals that have been agreed upon that set regulations and benchmarks for the enforcement of the treaty should it be accepted. The only problem is that Secretary John Kerry, Secretary Moniz, and even the president of the United States are not privy to what is actually in the side deals. Nancy Pelosi must be excited beyond words. Many in that party are very quiet.

We know that Planned Parenthood, a misnamed organization if ever there was one, has been in the illegal business of altering the method of aborting the dear little babies so that Planned Parenthood can harvest and sell the organs to labs. The callous way the two doctors chatted about this hideous action was revolting.

Drinking wine, eating salad, and asking for a Lamborghini shed a great deal of light on what is a violent end to a life. One doctor even stated she would ask that the procedure be, “less crunchy” to save more organs. If it isn’t a baby and just a grouping of cells then how would it be possible to determine those vital organs. Remember that the pro-abortion crowd supports late term killings as well. Many in one political party are very quiet.

We know that Hillary did, in fact, send classified e-mails over her internet server. We know that the Justice Department is being asked to look at possible criminal charges. We know there isn’t a “snow ball’s chance in Hell” of this Justice Department going after her. We know she lied.

We know that the president has just directed through his Executive Action method to greatly limit the investigative powers of the Inspector General making those inspectors request from each agencies department heads permission to look at grand jury reports and other documents negating much of what whistle blowers have shared. The Inspector General must have been getting very close to information at the IRS and the State Department.

We know it took just a few hours to light up the White House like a rainbow on the day of the Supreme Court’s mistaken decision. The White House staff did not have the time to light up the Executive Mansion on July 4 in red, white, and blue. We know that the president had time to comment on Trayvon’s and Michael’s deaths in a short amount of time but it was days before the president directed flags to be flown at half-staff to honor those five servicemen killed in a terrorist act. Public pressure began to mount so the staff lowered the flags.

Remember that our military men were gunned downed by a radicalized terrorist while they sat in their military office space with a sign posted outside stating, “this is a gun free zone.” The killer was thus informed his targets were sitting ducks.

We know that this president makes up his own rules by deciding to direct law enforcement officers to ignore certain laws regarding immigration and drug use. We know this president supports the concept of Sanctuary Cities which openly defy federal laws. We know we would go to jail if we violated a federal law and told the officers and later the courts that we just did not support that law and so we choose to ignore it.

We know that the president hasn’t reached out to the family of the young lady killed by the five times deported illegal immigrant or to the families of the five military men gunned down. We know that the president had time to get his material ready to appear on Jon Stewart’s television show and lie about the IRS investigation.

It is amazing what we know.