Dr. Bill Atwood

Stealing liberties

John Kerry showed his negotiating abilities are as great as those of the Jimmy Carter administration when Jimmy not only gave Panama the Canal Zone but paid them to take it. Panama had only started the talks with a demand for the canal itself. Carter’s folks said no to that and gave them the 100 million bucks as well.

John Kerry was representing a nation and an administration that only a couple of years ago stated that a nuclear Iran was out of the question. Then we heard that we were willing to walk away from a bad deal and then Kerry kept extending the deadlines until Iran got the deal they wanted. How can one tell it is a great deal for Iran and not the United States? Easy as pie. The folks were dancing in the streets in Iran and the president of the United States was already threatening to veto any legislation that would negate the agreement. Further, he has started to work the phones to make sure that the number of democrat legislators that vote to turn down the deal won’t create a “veto-proof” law.

Kerry and the president had talked about “on demand” inspections as a deal breaker. Now they are content with 24-day notification. Not 24 hours but 24 days. We know how it works - the Iranians can’t and shouldn’t be trusted but this administration will watch for violations. Then when we suspect something, we will protest it in a letter and wait a few days for the response. Then we will respond to the response and then we will threaten and then notify Iran that inspectors will be going in. This will give Iran about seven weeks between our initial protest and the inspections to hide whatever it is they need to hide - or perhaps to launch it toward Israel.

The Obama folks are happy with the outcome and telling us all that they will impose sanctions if Iran does naughty things. This was the administration that dropped the sanctions that brought Iran to the table because the sanctions were being effective. This administration stated that sanctions really don’t work. If that is the case, then why are sanctions in the deal as a threat against Iran doing naughty things?

Kerry will get his Peace Prize from the same slobbering group of dreamers that gave one to Obama weeks after assuming his office because he hoped for peace. When Iran is bombing folks with atomic weapons, I hope Sasha and her sister will remind their daddy that he could have prevented the attack.

Once again, we see the use of the Obama doctrine. Embolden your enemies, undermine your friends, and diminish your nation. He did not even demand that the American hostages held in Iran be released prior to us even agreeing to come to the table. His record is clear. A Marine held in a Mexican jail for weeks. Nothing. Americans held in Iran for years. Nothing. Deserter Bergdahl out of the middle east prison and home in America and the five Gitmo terrorists returned home along with a few more sent last month. Obama sells us out.

Israel needs to be very concerned and last week I heard on television and out in public the concerns of Jewish people in the US. While I share their concerns and agree with them that the deal is a bad one, I am happy to remind them that 70% of the Jewish vote went to Obama. They are reaping what they sowed.

We had five Americans killed this week by a terrorist act and the administration has been rather quiet about it. We are now hearing about the gunman’s problems and illnesses. We don’t see the president rushing to meet with those families any more than he was really there to help the Fort Hood victims of that terrorist act - err, I mean “act of workplace violence.”

It is so very sad that we have an egotist so bent on his legacy that our gains in the war against the terrorists has so diminished that now the battlefield will be on our shores.

This week we learned that the Obama Administration is moving to protect us from gun violence by restricting many folks on Social Security from owning fire arms. If a person has their check sent to a “responsible payer” rather than themselves, they may be deemed unsafe to own a gun. It won’t matter that you ask your adult child to handle your finances because you just hate bookkeeping. You will be deemed unsafe. Every day, this administration attempts to steal another aspect of your liberty.

So … we as a nation are trusting Iran with nukes, freeing traitors and terrorists from prisons, we remain content to have Americans held in Iranian prisons, we see that the death of five military men by a terrorist doesn’t draw outrage and the president wants to make sure that granny doesn’t have a handgun to protect herself.

He’ll blame George.