Dr. Bill Atwood

Hillary laughs

Hillary Clinton was once touted by her supporters as the smartest person on the planet. She may be smart but she has been hiding her intellect lately. Certainly she has been hiding her integrity. Hillary finally deigned to offer to sit down for an interview with a CNN reporter. The reporter asked questions but nothing newsworthy came out of the softball interview except more of the same, which translated means: excuses, lies, and cover-ups.

Hillary laughs off her critics and smiles in a manner so that she may appear to her supporters as being worthy of their support. She isn’t. She stated that she had never been subpoenaed regarding her e-mails. The very next day Congressman Trey Gowdy called her on this and cited not only Hillary’s lead attorney statement on that issue regarding getting said subpoena but Gowdy produced a copy of the very document Hillary stated she never saw or received. We’re still waiting for the campaign’s response.

Democrats argue that there isn’t evidence regarding Hillary’s non-action in the Benghazi affair but the real reason for the limited evidence is that the former Secretary of State destroyed that very evidence requested in the subpoena. If you do that you will land in jail.

Hillary assures us that all e-mails destroyed were personal and that zero classified, sensitive, or official documents were erased. Then the lie continues that she never used her personal server for official business. Her own friend and paid advisor, Blumberg, gave up copies of e-mails that she shared with him while he advised her on foreign affairs which she had never submitted to the Gowdy committee after getting the subpoena.

We now see that more federal government computers have been hacked again disclosing personal information on more than 21 million people. Other breaches have occurred on computers guarded by some really smart and talented folks with firewalls and other protections none of which were on the Clinton computer server. She made us vulnerable to our enemies for her political gain.

The president hasn’t spoken out regarding the murder of a young lady walking along a pier in San Francisco with her father. Kate was killed by an illegal alien who was a felon, had been deported five previous times, and was released by the SFPD because the Obama administration has allowed San Francisco to be a ‘Sanctuary’ city. This means that George Soros’ mouthpiece in the White House may not speak of her death because it would point blame at Liberal policies. We did not see any administration people at her funeral as we did at Trayvon’s and Michael’s services. Al Sharpton was quiet too. I guess white lives don’t matter.

Gun control has been in the spotlight but I’d bet a dollar to a donut that Hillary wasn’t home in New York State touting gun control while the two escaped convicts from the Clinton facility were on the loose. We sure heard about gun control after nine fine Bible-studying Christians were gunned down by the racist idiot in South Carolina. What came out last week was that the FBI dropped the ball and the racist gunman’s drug arrests should have stopped his ability to get the gun. The FBI Director states he is, “sick about it.” The NRA gets blamed for fighting limits on gun-ownership, the feds demand these checks, the checks don’t work, the NRA still gets blamed for supporting the Second Amendment and the FBI response is that he is sick over it while the nine are dead over it.

Last week the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff announced that Russia was the greatest threat to the United States. China is in there; Isis is in the list but not global warming. He can expect a call from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. It seems to me that Mitt Romney told us this fact during the last election and the response from the sitting president was that Mitt was trapped back in the Cold War. Obama needs to worry less about global weather and worry about whether Russia is advancing toward domination of part of the globe.

The Oregon bakers are fighting the $135,000 fine for living up to the tenets of their Christian faith. They will survive the fight. Years ago John the Baptist denounced King Herod’s extra-marital affair as Herod’s actions were sinful according to the teachings of the Bible. Later Herod’s lover and new wife along with her daughter, Salome, were at a royal feast when Herod asked what he could give to show his affection.

Salome responded by asking for John the Baptists’ head on a platter. Herod had to order a beheading or show weakness to everyone. John was beheaded and the platter delivered. John the Baptist lost his head by the legal powers because he spoke in defense of marriage. I think some in Washington may have lost their brains when they attacked traditional marriage.

All this going on and the national media deflects the attention away by talking about an egotistical developer from New York.

Little wonder why Hillary can laugh.