Dr. Bill Atwood

Justifiable concern

Years ago after church one Sunday morning, there was this man talking with my priest, Reverend Doctor Alexander Campbell, about his deep concerns for where American society was heading. This man was concerned about the future of my generation and our kids as well. When you are 17 or 18 years of age, such ramblings could have been ignored as an old man simply complaining because our hair was too long, music too loud, and many questioned any and all authority figures.

Yet, I wanted to listen to his concerns and hear what Dr. Campbell had to offer for words of encouragement to this worried man. This man expressed concerns that the members of my generation were going to suffer from serious drug addiction and that those who used pot, would go on to other drugs and ruin many lives in the process. This man worried about a society so supportive of drug usage that eventually these street drugs would become legalized in spite of the dangers they bring to health and families of the users.

The man was concerned about Hollywood’s portrayal of families on television and in the movies but he was more concerned with celebrity non-traditional lifestyles being glamorized and traditional values being mocked in public. He worried about the number of babies born to single moms with absent fathers because of Hollywood’s attitudes along with newly passed welfare regulations.

The man was concerned that the grandchildren of those who had been able to survive the Great Depression and WWII would succumb to the handouts offered by the welfare state promised under President Johnson’s Great Society.

This man was concerned about how people would not adjust to a problem by figuring out a solution with the person causing the problem and that the new system seemed to be to litigate or to get a law passed that would benefit your desires. This man was very scared of hearing the phrase, “There ought to be a law about that,” being uttered constantly. He worried about governmental over-regulation.

This man expressed concerns that God was not welcomed in the public schools and wondered how long it would be until God was not welcomed at public events or would be rejected by a secularist society.

This man was worried about the public discourse regarding the legalization of abortions in this country and folks wanting to make it easier for women to end the unwanted pregnancy with a pair of knitting needles.

He was worried that politicians were becoming more a full-time elected class of folks rather than our more common practice of electing part-time leadership for Sacramento and Washington, D.C.

I heard Dr. Campbell reassure this man and they discussed practical actions this man and his fellow believers could do to slow down the onslaught against our society.

Look where we are 50 years later. Since Roe vs. Wade was ruled upon by the Supreme Court, more than 1.5 million precious dear little babies are the victims of murder by their mothers each year while still in the womb because mommy finds the pregnancy inconvenient. The man had reason to be concerned.

Drugs are so prevalent that we have decriminalized much of the usage and legalized pot in some areas under that phony excuse of medical marijuana. Student-aged citizens are now able to get their hands on the medical card to legally use the stuff because of some feigned problem. The weed still hurts the brain and the bodies. The positive medical aspects of the weed are available in other legal drugs available by prescription. The man was right to be concerned.

We now have seen the transformation of this nation into a socialized welfare state with almost half the country getting a handout from the government. The government takes from those of us who produce and earn to give to folks who just consume. That is a transfer of wealth forced by law. Socialism is the economic bridge from Capitalism to Communism. Watch out for Bernie Sanders and his ilk; he wants more from the earners to give to the takers. The man was right to be concerned.

Not only do we have full-time politicians but now we have political families trading offices and being on the political scene way too long. The man was right to be concerned.

Not only has God and his commandments been told they are unwelcomed at schools but now the Almighty is being booted out of all places public because a few people who don’t even believe there is a God are offended by the mention of the name of the being they don’t believe exists. The man had reason to be concerned.

Two weeks ago five learned people in black robes ruled that the Bible was wrong. They think God was wrong and they have decided to change thousands of years of thought. In the process those five changed the way government now views religion in this nation and in doing so labeled believing Christians as bigots. We all have reasons to be concerned.