Dr. Bill Atwood

What a week

What a week for pundits. Hillary won’t talk, won’t meet, will talk and meet, but won’t say anything. Barack Obama and his folks declare that the strategy in Iraq is working even while ISIS takes over Rimadi and the leaders of Iran are the ones being able to visit Baghdad. George Stephanopoulos tries to recover from his breach of honesty with the American people regarding his donation of $75,000 to the Clinton Global Foundation. Jeb Bush gets hammered for answering a question he clearly misunderstood. Six police officers are indicted in Baltimore and that state’s chief law enforcement officer shows her ineptness. Finally, we learn that the VA has cleaned house after the mistreatment of our dear veterans by informing us that one employee was fired.

The story about Hillary and her e-mails is quite telling on a number of counts. I often check the websites of both Fox News and CNN to get a handle on what is happening in the world. Day after day, Fox was reporting on the e-mails and there was nothing for many days on CNN. How shocked their readers and listeners must be when they finally discovered that there really is a problem in Hillary’s explanation of her use of a private computer.

Even the Fresno Bee tries to play down the subject reporting Saturday morning that little has come out. Gee, two e-mails alone have shown that Hillary had multiple accounts, when she said she did not, and that she sent sensitive and now classified e-mails with that device. That was in direct opposition to her assurance that she never did such a thing. We find in those e-mails that she discussed with her friend, Bloomberg, who was nixed by the Obamas from working for the government, the Benghazi raid in which Bloomberg offered the video causation idea, only to retract it the following day based upon new facts that had come to light. Yet Hillary and the state department went with the politically nicer video narrative rather than the truthful terrorist-planned-attack truth.

George Stephanopoulos did his duty to his former employers by attacking the author of the book regarding the Clinton Foundation and the Clinton cash machine. George went after the author doggedly but failed to tell the listeners that he has been a donor to that charity to the tune of $75,000 over the past three years. He states he gave because he loves the work they do. All the work the foundation does is also handled by many other organizations but George chose the Clinton Foundation because of one factor; access to Bill and Hillary. That is what the Clintons sold - access to the secretary of state. Little wonder Hillary clammed up to the press.

So brother Jeb misunderstood a question and did not hear the part “knowing what you know now.” It was a blunder but it shouldn’t be a killer to his campaign. Frankly, I am tired of Bushes and Clintons running for the presidency. The hypothetical questions that should be asked ought to be asked of Hillary about her role as secretary of state. After all, during her tenure, Iraq went from a “sovereign, stable and self reliant” country to what we see today. What action would she have done differently?

Maryland’s Marilyn Mosby, the state attorney, has been able to get indictments against the six Baltimore cops involved in the Freddie Gray death. Mosby’s inexperience is not helping her. Just four months on the job and thrust onto the national stage is tough but she needs to think legally and not politically. The administration in Baltimore has shown that they are not going to support their cops and what is happening in Baltimore since the Grey incident proves that the cops are nervous. Homicides are way up, crime is way up, and police response is way down because the cops fear indictments if they make any mistakes.

Josh Earnest tells us that the president feels his plan is working in Iraq and that we shouldn’t light our hair on fire with a small set-back. What are they smoking in the Oval Office? ISIS is in control and all of the losses are due solely and squarely because the commander-in-chief sees his abilities as greater than the military experts. In December of 2011, President Obama told soldiers at Fort Bragg “we are leaving behind a sovereign, stable and self reliant Iraq with a representative government elected by its people.” If Iraq is success, I dread to see what he regards as failure.

All the troubles at the VA and after all the investigations regarding secret lists, denial of care, hefty bonuses still being paid, only one federal employee is fired? He must really feel like a chump while the others are laughing at the government. The Obamas know how to clean house and hold folks accountable.

All this and the president reminded the graduates at the Coast Guard Academy ceremony what he shared with us during his State of the Union message, “Climate change is a serious threat to global security.”

What a week.