Dr. Bill Atwood

Judas and Hillary

A few weeks ago I opined in this column my distrust of Hillary Clinton. A friend of mine chided me that he read my column and as he read he kept waiting to see something positive about her. I told him after his comments that I was positive she wasn’t to be trusted.

Even many of the ardent Hillary lovers are having a difficult time cleaning up the current mess the Clinton’s have created. It must be great to have job security in a political arena; “Clinton Crisis Cleanup Team.” I am sure they are well paid to lie for Hillary and Bill plus the added benefit of being so well compensated that the team takes the secrets to their graves. Vince Foster comes to mind.

In that column I asked why nations would need to donate through the Clinton Global Foundation to causes since nations do not need tax breaks. I wondered why large donors would channel their donations through the sticky fingers of the Clintons when they could get a tax break by simply donating to the cause directly. Now we see the pattern. Donate to the Clinton Global Foundation at the same time you have business before the government requiring State Department approval and in 11 cases, so far, the donor’s requests have been granted.

A foreign country donates to the Foundation and through a few traceable steps we see that they got governmental policies reversed by Hillary. She even reversed her own beliefs in favor of those donors. Yet the State Department and the HRC campaign staffers argue there isn’t any proof of a “quid pro quo.”

There isn’t any evidence when you destroy the 30,000 emails that can prove the crooked deals. To be fair; insider trading never is proven with emails that recommend buying a stock on a tip from an insider. The insider traders are caught by establishing a pattern that goes beyond that of a coincidence factor.

I am beginning to think that Hillary looked at an email dealing with governmental business and realized it could hurt her personally so she called it a “personal email” and erased it. Even Clinton lapdog Lanny Davis stated it would have been better for HRC to have not erased the e-mails.

We hear that Hillary’s brother, Tony, with zero corporate business experience and zero mining experience ends up on the Board of Directors of a corporation that now controls 20% of the uranium in this country. We see that thanks to Bill and his connections to the then Secretary of State a Russian company, controlled by Vladimir Putin, now controls a vast percentage of the uranium in the United States which they will be able to sell to Iran which will be able to build weapons to destroy Israel as well as potentially hitting American targets.

We see that the Clinton Foundation missed reporting hundreds of millions of dollars in donations while the Secretary was in office and they are scrambling to file new reports after being outed by an investigation.

Bill Clinton’s speaking fees grew larger and larger while Hillary was the Secretary of State and it has been documented that Bill traveled with business folks who secured lucrative contracts after Bill intervened on their behalf. Those interventions came shortly before or shortly after the contracts were signed. One donor gave $31 million at the outset of the deal and has pledged an additional $100 million to the Foundation as a way of saying thanks.

People like me send a thank you note to those who help us out or perhaps a bouquet of flowers or a small gift. You have to have really profited when you send a $131 million thank you note.

The facts are hidden by the usual Clinton playbook tactic. Deny, deny, deny, have minions attack the messengers, hide the evidence, obfuscate the information, refuse to talk to the media, blame the right-wing conspiracy folks, rely on the liberal darlings of the media to ignore the story and hope that it will blow over. It doesn’t seem to be working this time as even the New York Times is starting to ask questions.

Hillary has traded on her positions in leadership for years to benefit herself and her impeached, philandering husband. She gained wealth through commodities trading that was a trillion-to-one shot, the Rose Law Firm billings, Whitewater and now through giving the appearance of selling access to the Secretary of State through the acceptance of donations to her family foundation which spends lavishly on Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea.

For those donations that allowed access to her and the benefits to her immediate family along with her brother she has proven to be dishonest at the least. When she sold out the interests of the United States to foreign countries she ceased to be working in our best interest.

A “Jeopardy” style question might be, “Judas, Benedict Arnold, and Hillary Clinton have this in common.”