Dr. Bill Atwood

Clintons and ethics

When is enough enough? For years the Clintons have proven that they not only feel entitled to their power, and have proven time and again that they see themselves as better than the rest of us and above the law. My question for the Clinton loyalists is when are they going to say, “That’s enough.”

Over the years during the Clinton administration, we heard of Bill’s inappropriate behaviors toward women, and even toward interns on the White House staff. People just excused this immoral and illegal behavior as a “right wing conspiracy.” The National Organization of Women showed their true colors when they remained silent on his actions. What difference does it make they stated.

Hillary ran her committee to create a national health care system (AKA Hillarycare) in total secrecy and while attacked by the right wing conspiracy, the left and her supporters knew that Hillary was the smartest woman on the planet so what difference did it make? When Hillary came under fire for the Rose Law firm billings, the media let her slide because, after all is said and done, “what difference does it make?”

As Hillary was able to take $1,000 investment and within ten months create $100,000 return against trillion-to-one odds in that commodities market, people suggested that she had used insider trading; her lapdog minions dismissed our concerns because it did not make any difference. The Clinton’s attorney, Vince Foster, committed suicide when the people started looking at the Whitewater shenanigans and the fact that their attorney took the secrets to his grave gave zero concern to the Clinton lovers because that did not make a difference.

Before she lost to Barack Obama in the primaries, Hillary attacked the folks on the right for some use of personal computers and stated it was criminal and certainly not transparent. Before she was confirmed as Secretary of State, Hillary set up a number of secret private e-mail accounts on her server and then, despite telling her own staff to never use private e-mail accounts for public business, she apparently never used government accounts for government business. NEVER. After all, what difference would it make because she is a Clinton, she is entitled, and she knows the Clinton loyalists will ask those of us with concerns, “What difference does it make?”

Now we hear that her staff channeled e-mails away from her on the Benghazi raid and it appears they wanted to “protect her” from certain information which would give her plausible deniability. The woman who brought up the “3 a.m. phone call” issue toward Barack Obama did not handle any of the phone calls on the days leading up to the attack when her ambassador, Chris Stevens, was trying to get increased security. Hillary also seemed to ignore the real-time information during the raid and did not demand air support from the president to protect our people in the field. Of course, he was busy up in the private quarters packing his bags for the fundraiser in Las Vegas the next day.

Hillary must have thought about getting the protection for the Embassy with air strikes but then decided, “What difference will it make?” She took money from foreign countries for the Clinton Foundation while she was Secretary of State and again asks what difference. If there wasn’t a benefit for the Clintons as the money allegedly was simply passed through them to the places in need, then one must ask why the need for the Clintons as the “middle men.” Countries that donate to help other countries don’t need tax relief for their contributions as we do. So why the passing through the Clinton Global Foundation? She simply tells us, “What difference.”

She claimed being broke but a few years later, they are worth more than $100 million dollars. Her books tanked but the network lapdogs touted her appearances as if she was a rock star and they allow her to remain silent on the “e-mailgate” issue. Apparently to the liberals there are no standards by which the Clintons should be judged except that they confound those of us on the right. Apparently if you are Hillary or Bill Clinton, you may engage in workplace sexual harassment, lie to a Grand Jury, engage in insider trading, violate federal law by using a private computer and server to handle sensitive government issues, handle large sums of cash through a personal family foundation from countries you are working with on behalf of your employer, violate the transparency rules of your president, lie about coming under fire in a war zone when pictures prove the lie and through it all stay the champion of the liberals in this country.

Clintons and ethics? What difference does it make? Most people go into governmental service to make a difference in the lives of others. They went into government service to make a difference in their lives only.