Dr. Bill Atwood

Administrative hoopla

This past week the Secretary of State assured us all that Americans are safer than ever, and that the world is safer. He talked about the seemingly scary things going on and the threats and attacks, but stated that we were indeed much safer than in years.

On the very same day, James Clapper told the folks in congress, the press, and the American people that 2014 was the most dangerous year in history and that the threat of terrorism is at its highest point ever. They have ignored the boss in the oval office, who after a few short sentences, cited the pentagon’s concerns about climate change in his State of the Union speech, and that he saw the climate changes as this nation’s greatest challenge. Greatest challenge, greatest threat? It has to do with nuances.

I guess that John Kerry thought it was the safest until he thought it was the most dangerous until he thought it the safest year again. After all; he was for the war on terror before he was against the war. I don’t know where he stands on his state department’s Jobs Program for the Terrorists of the world because he, A) hasn’t stated his position; B) hasn’t changed his opinion after seeing polling data; C) hasn’t had his spokesperson tell what he really meant through nuanced language.

Hillary is finding that those rascals at Fox have stumbled onto her getting millions of dollars from other nations with whom she had dealings while secretary of state. Now, the Kerry state department is agreeing that the ethics policies were violated, but that while violated there is no penalty for violating those policies. Hillary skates, the foundation has the money, and Kerry can tap dance that the ethics policies were violated at one point but then he discovered that there really wasn’t a real policy.

The republicans have people in their own party who want to play rogue cowboys and shoot the party in the foot over immigration reforms in a contest that involves budgets and threats. The GOP had better realize that while they do control the House and Senate, the liberal press will always paint them in a negative manner on this subject. The GOP needs to develop a plan, present it to the American people and then get the legislation passed.

The president killed 20,000 jobs this past week by pleasing his environmentalist crowd. This is why people get frustrated with Washington. The current unemployment numbers look good because the administration has the Labor Department cook the books by not counting those who have simply given up looking for non-existent jobs. In December of 2014, the workforce was just around 59% of the US population. Back in 2008, it was just under 63%. It’s going the wrong way, but Washington counts in a manner that makes zero sense to common folks. If the economy is as good as the president states it is, then why are more folks getting food stamps and welfare than were just a few years ago?

The president has his feelings hurt that the Congress invited the leader of Israel to talk to them about his concerns over a nuclear-armed Iran. Yes, the US has done a great deal for Israel of late but the president’s contempt toward Bibi is very evident. Big deal who invited him. We need to hear what he has to say. While some would argue that Bibi is wrong and that Israel is safer than ever and the US is standing with Israel, I would remind folks of a few things.

President Obama drew a line in the sand against Syria. When it was crossed, Obama did nothing. When Iran violated rules about development of nuclear bombs, this white house ignores it, or denies it happened, or states they are warning Iran to stop. This administration lifted the sanctions that were beginning to work. Obama gave away the store and got nothing in return. Those who support this president on this subject need to ask themselves how they would feel if they were Bibi and the sworn enemy of Israel, who has stated they want to eliminate Israel from the planet, are getting near to having the very device that will destroy Israel. If a gun is pointed at your head, all the statistics in the world telling you that crime is down don’t amount to a bucket of warm spit. Our enemies see the threats by this president worth even less than the bucket of warm spit. The terrorists understood the leader of Jordan.

We also see that for all the hoopla from the administration that saw racism in Ferguson, and in Florida, the Department of Justice finally had to admit that Zimmerman and Wilson did not violate the civil rights of the two men killed in those tragic events. Reverend Al got his headlines, his cash, and his photo-ops so he sure has been quiet. Eric Holder tried and tried but realized that he would lose if he tried those two men on these issues.

When we are attacked will Secretary Kerry tell us he warned us before he told us not to worry?