Dr. Bill Atwood

Same leopard, same spots

It has been interesting to watch the circus in Washington D.C. as the White House tries to prove that they can lead, have a plan, and that they even understand what is going on as the world evolves into a worse mess with each tick of the clock. Perhaps Brian Williams can become a spokesman for this White House.

We hear that Hillary’s team has to explain that the former secretary of state, senator, and first lady was very willing to accept large sums of cash from donors to the Clinton Global Foundation, which just happens to spend very lavishly on her and her impeached former president husband when they travel. Those donors gave legal dollars to the foundation while Hillary was serving as secretary of state. While it may be legal in the fine point of the law, it sure smells to anyone else. Gee, I’ll donate to your foundation and later you will sway legislation and regulations to benefit me. Quid pro quo? But as Hillary says, “What difference does it make?”

The impeached one has been caught hanging around on a known pedophile’s private jet and island when women were also there. It wasn’t ever Hillary. Bill tells us he never had anything to do with those women. Sure; and he never inhaled, never had sexual relations with Monica, and doesn’t know what “is” is.

Joe Biden was caught whispering something into the ear of Ash Carter’s wife, and holding her shoulders. It reminded me of that clip of Biden nuzzling up to a little girl at a White House ceremony and finally kissing her on the cheek. Innocent encounters perhaps. But if any school principal or teacher had done those things, they would be looking for work. Had any republican done such an act, the liberal media would have pounced. Joe knows all those Somalian cabbies in Delaware and bragged about it. One problem, there are zero Somalian cab drivers in Delaware. Oh well, “its Joe being Joe,” they tell us.

The state department now tells us we need to get a jobs program passed so that the terrorists can earn a paycheck and renounce terrorism in the name of their religion. The state department spokesperson looks so inept that her press briefings seem to resemble a skit on Saturday Night Live.

The White House ran a three-day seminar on combating terrorism. Academics and social workers meeting with a bunch of folks who won’t say the words, “Muslim terrorists” or “Islamic terrorists.” Looks like they can all follow the Obama mantra of, “Never say anything negative about any Muslim.” He slams today’s Christians for acts during the Crusades a thousand years ago (acts responding to Muslim violence), but can’t see who the enemy is. He still sees their acts as unplanned, unrelated, or workplace violence. The seminar produced little except for pushing the idea, nuanced I might add, that there needs to be a jobs program. I have a jobs program for them. Hire them as grave diggers, hunt down the terrorists and fill those graves. The state department needs a better strategy.

David Axelrod exposed that Obama hadn’t evolved on his views of same-sex marriage but had felt for many years there was nothing wrong with it. Axelrod stated that Obama changed his public stance when he felt the country would accept it better. The Obama people challenged Axelrod’s account saying Axelrod had it wrong. The Obama campaign just felt that the president’s personal philosophy on same-sex marriage shouldn’t be his political position on the same-sex marriage issue. Huh? Josh Earnest earned his money with that bit of “double-speak.”

The military leaders in the pentagon don’t think our strategy will work without troops in the war zone. They also don’t like the concept of telling the enemy what you plan to do, when you plan to do it, what you won’t consider doing to harm them, and when you are going to leave the battle zone. When the plans were leaked the White House blamed the pentagon. Many in the media remember that they have video of President Obama telling the game plan. The community organizer isn’t a military genius. Nobody at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue has the guts to tell him that simple fact.

Healthcare sign-ups are going slower than desired so folks who have been waiting for year need an extension to sign up for their free healthcare subsidies. A federal judge slapped down the president’s immigration plan as executive overreach and the White House still doesn’t understand why his actions are not legal. I recall our leader once taught constitutional law at Harvard.

Obama’s Socialism and his desire to weaken this country are becoming more evident each day, no matter how much the lapdog media and his apologists want to deflect attention away in order to protect their guy in the oval office. What scares me is that Jeremiah was correct when he stated that, “a leopard can’t change his spots.”