Dr. Bill Atwood

No Churchill

On a shelf in the office, where I write my columns, is a bust of Sir Winston Churchill that serves to honor the memory and the deeds of a true world leader. Churchill was a man who knew how to lead, and his fellow English subjects were willing to follow him because they knew that he could be trusted.

He had a knack for turning the right phrase and his comments about so many owing so much to so few and his statement that “we will never surrender” said more to the Nazi’s than to anyone else. That is why he has a special place in history. He was a leader. Roosevelt knew how to lead. While I disagree with his social welfare programs, FDR knew how to lead a nation into a war and keep the coalition of the Allies together. His confidence building techniques held a scared people together during the darkest hour of the Great Depression and the majority of our involvement in World War II.

The community organizer has fallen flat. He is in so far over his head it is sad. Here is a man who found himself able to give great speeches, who became the “darling” of a few wealthy supporters and political ideologues, that was able to get himself elected as a Senator from Illinois, and who, after a stellar career in the Senate voting “present” on many of the issues during his first 18 months in office, decided that he was ready to occupy the White House.

His fine abilities to orate served him well as did his good looks. The fact that he was liberal helped; but the far left in the country salivated at the chance to see a black man elected president.

Over the years of his time in office, the middle class has lost ground, minorities have lost ground, 1.7 million fewer people have jobs than when he started, we have twice the debt since he took office, more Americans felt safer before his terms than they do now, the IRS wasn’t going after people for their politics, NSA wasn’t allowed to spy on Americans, and Israel felt they had a strong ally in the United States.

We knew there was evil in the world and this country had set out to conquer the terrorists. Now we see the error of electing the “cool kid who promises us stuff.” This president lacks the leadership qualities to lead.

Why won’t he call the enemy what they are. Mr. President - the enemy sworn to kill us are “Muslim Terrorists.” They are not angry insurgents - they are terrorists.

He doesn’t want to offend. Frankly this “Political Correctness” garbage smells. Call a spade a spade. If we follow his illogical thinking, drug dealers would be called “non-licensed neighborhood pharmacists.” Gang members would become an “armed insurgency.” Closing Gitmo will be called, “Family Reunification Efforts.” Bergdall will be known as the “soldier who went for a walk” and nuclear weapons in Iran will be known as “devices that we wish they did not have.”

We now have a man who stated in the past that elections have consequences, but he simply chooses to listen to those who did not vote. He seeks to please our enemies and irritate and offend our friends and allies, and ignores that evil really exists in this world. Neville Chamberlain tried to appease Hitler and it gained us nothing. The terrorists want to kill us. Not all Muslims are terrorists and not all terrorists are Muslim - but right now the Muslim terrorists of ISIS and Al Qaeda want to kill us, and yet this man declares ‘climate change’ a greater threat than the terrorists and wants to play nice. He calls them insurgents so we may negotiate with them.

Who is he kidding? This man lies and hides, and pretends and his followers drink the Kool-Aid.

Look at his record for enforcement of policies and you see a man who demonstrates his disdain for America and what we are. He is a fraud as a leader. He is a fraud as a man who promised to be transparent. He is a fraud as a man who stated he would obey the Constitution. He is a fraud as a man who swore to enforce the laws of this nation. From his actions in college that are hidden away in his sealed transcripts, along with his admitted drug use, he has shown that he feels himself above the law.

His actions in office and his declarations of having a pen and a phone, along with his threats of vetoes before any legislation is passed, shows he is a fraud as to his knowledge of the workings of the Constitution. I pity those students who sat in his classes.

Our president has shown that his limited experience leaves him sadly lacking in being qualified to be a world leader. Sadly; this man is a petulant, ill-prepared disappointment. He is no Winston Churchill.