Dr. Bill Atwood


Last week, the president addressed the two Houses of the Congress with his sixth State of the Union message. The only problem with his 70 minute speech was that Barack Obama misstated the state of the Union. I keep wondering what universe he occupies.

It is nice to discover that this Nobel Prize winner has rid this world of the threat of terrorism as the number one threat to our security. We can all rest a great deal better knowing that Climate Change is now a greater threat than ISIS and Al Qaeda. He mentioned Ferguson but not Paris. He touted the agreement with China as one between the two greatest economies and told the listeners that the rest of the world would now go-along. One major problem with the sham agreement with China is that nothing compels them to adhere to one single aspect of the agreement.

The president talked about the 10 million newly insured folks now able to get healthcare. He used to talk about the 30 to 40 million folks without healthcare as being unacceptable. If 10 million have signed up, that leaves the 30 million number still out there. Gee, for all the hype and ads, the 30 million still want to stay uninsured.

He spoke about unemployment being lower but glosses over the fact that the government drops people from the unemployed count if they just have given up looking for work. There are still 1.7 million fewer full-time workers than in 2007.

President Obama wants to buy the college vote by promising fee community college tuition. $60 Billion dollar program with 25% of that coming out of state coffers. It’s DOA to be sure.

He touted the example of Rebekah Ehler of Minnesota and her husband’s struggle to pay off student debt and to buy a house. Ehlers example is flawed for Obama because he did not list one government program that helped Ehler. They did it with hard work and sacrifice; the old-fashioned way. Just in case you missed it—Ehler was a Democratic Party operative and had met Obama before.

He mentioned minimum wages and sick leave for millions. “Try living on $15,000,” he stated. First; minimum wage is a starting wage not a wage to support a family. Almost two-thirds of minimum wage earners are unmarried and/or students working at their first job.

Toward the end of the speech, he asked that people turn the page and begin to reach out across the aisle to work together in a bipartisan manner. The old way isn’t working and people just need to join together to get the job done for the American people. This came 30 or so minutes after he threatened the republicans that he would veto any of their plans for immigration reform, healthcare reform, tax reforms, and resolutions regarding diplomacy with Iran. He stated his gung-ho attitude about closing Gitmo and he ignored his own advice to the Republican Party upon his first being elected which he repeated to Senator McCain after his re-election when he stated that, “Elections have consequences.” He told us that while he wasn’t on the ballot in November his policies were. Those policies lost, but Barack Obama wants to listen to the voice of the folks who “didn’t vote”. His words; not mine. I guess he is hearing voices in his head.

The president talked about deficit reduction and nobody has yet explained how the federal budget deficit has been stated as smaller when we have borrowed almost $9 trillion since Obama called out Bush for his unpatriotic borrowing of roughly $4 trillion.

I noticed that he introduce Alan Gross who had been held by Cuba and lauded our new relationship with the Castro brothers. I wonder why he and Michelle did not invite Sergeant Bergdall to sit with the First Lady to be greeted by the joint houses.

He wants to tax the rich even more than their fair share and he wants to have everyone do their fair share but he did not mention cutting entitlements or welfare spending.

Stock Market gains are nice. It should be great with the investment of $85 billion each month by the federal government. That bubble will end so watch out.

He took credit for falling oil prices. Oil is lower because oil companies are drilling more on private lands making up for the 6% reduction and the crushing regulations about drilling on federal lands thanks to this president.

So… He wants to give more to illegal immigrants, doesn’t support the concept of pay your own way, hates deficits but will borrow more than all other Presidents combined, promotes tolerance and cultural diversity but mocks Christians who support the biblical concepts of marriage and condemnation of abortion, accepts the abuses of the IRS and NSA, still won’t explain what he was doing during the attack in Benghazi, can’t blame Muslim terrorists for anything, rebuffs our allies and embraces our enemies, and ignores the laws laid out in the Constitution.

At least things remain calm in Yemen; he is proud of his work in that region.