Dr. Bill Atwood

No time for Paris

When our friends are in need, we show up. It may be a friend who is hurting and needs a hug or, in the hospital, or at a funeral but we know the importance of showing up. Woody Allen was known for the quote that 80% of life is just showing up.

So where was the Obama administration in Paris a week ago? More than a million folks trudged to Paris to stand with that city against the Muslim terrorists who had killed 17 people the prior week. Israel, Britain, Germany, even the Palestinians were officially represented and the president sat with his family in the private quarters of the White House afraid to show his face and his solidarity in Paris. I say afraid not from the threat of being killed by a terrorist but afraid of making a statement to the Muslims that he finds fault with them.

His record is clear. He doesn’t want to speak ill of any Muslim. Fort Hood? Workplace violence. Paris? The acts of a nihilist. To save you from looking that word up: nihilism is the belief that all values are baseless and that nothing can be known or communicated. A true nihilist would believe in nothing, have no loyalties, and no purpose other than, perhaps, an impulse to destroy. He and his minions will not say Muslim terrorists are to blame.

The fact of the matter is that before you can conquer a problem you must address it head on. Alcoholics must admit that booze has a control over their lives. Chain smokers must admit that tobacco has control over them. When I weighed 150 pounds more than I do today, I finally had to admit to the problem. I wasn’t big boned or “undertall,” I was too fat. I took control and lost the weight but before any weight loss could take place I had to name the culprit. In my case, it was me eating too much.

The United States cannot defeat a terrorist enemy unless we call out that enemy, identify that enemy, and then go after that enemy with the sole intent of destroying that enemy. Terrorists do not want to negotiate with us and we shouldn’t look to negotiate with them. However, our president couldn’t send a high ranking official in his stead either. Never mind that during that very rally in Paris our own attorney general sat in his taxpayer supported luxury suite in Paris waiting to talk with some government officials who were at the rally. Eric couldn’t be bothered standing up in front of the world to show support for the victims of the Muslims who gunned downed innocent folks who were just going about their daily lives.

The White House had the staff to send folks to Ferguson for Michael Brown’s funeral. The White House had time to be involved in Trayvon Martin’s service. The White House got involved when Professor Gates had a dust up with a cop when the professor was offended at being asked some questions by a cop. No time for Paris.

A few weeks ago, the president stated he did not listen to cable news but watched sports shows when watching television. I will give him the benefit of the doubt that he even knew that there had been a terrorist attack in Paris but he chose to stay home with the wife and kids and watch Sunday football games rather than acting like a world leader.

Perhaps George Soros had not called him to tell him to attend. Worse; perhaps George Soros ordered to stay home in the White House. Whatever the reason it was a shameful display of arrogance, and cowardice on part of the former community organizer. Perhaps during halftime of the Sunday games, he developed the thought of going after the wealthy in this country for an even larger tax on their hard earned dollars. Seems to me that the last time he did this tax on the wealthy, he told us that it was time “they paid their fair share.” If that tax brought about “the fair share” then is this the beginning of the gouging by the socialist resident of the White House. It stands to reason that if they are taxed even more than their fair share, it is gouging. He is just talking as he knows a GOP led House and Senate are not going to pass such taxes.

I hope Obama supporters won’t support an executive action to tax the wealthy. Both issues show a sad week for the president. Pandering to his base about taxing the rich to give to the poor along with appeasing the Muslim terrorists by not standing up to them with the rest of the world’s leaders certainly shows who was weak this week.