Dr. Bill Atwood

Halloween isn’t half as scary as national politics

Dr. Bill Atwood
Dr. Bill Atwood

Today is Halloween and the munchkins will be out trick-or-treating so be very careful as you drive around this evening. I know a few churches and a local car club decided to join in the festivities with “Trunk or Treating” which draws many kids to safer places and a carnival-like atmosphere exists. The ghosts and goblins will be out among us trying to scare us with their antics. Enjoy it because it is all in good fun. We can all remember the joy of that one day of the year when all you had to do to get free candy was to show up at the door and ask.

Another frightening aspect of this week is that we are now one year from the General Election of 2020. I guess we can all say we can’t see what is ahead because we are lacking 20/20 vision. The candidates will tell us whatever we want to hear and then they will tell another demographic group the opposite. Sometimes I think we are being submitted to a 24/7 version of that old TV show, “The Liar’s Club.”

The Constitution starts by naming the power base of this country, “We the People.” It is incumbent on each citizen in this wonderful land to become informed and enlightened on the issues and then vote. I don’t care if you cancel out my vote or vote the same way I do. I just care that you do your voting based upon your philosophy of what government should or shouldn’t do. Don’t be taken in by the ads or endorsements of celebrities. Know the issues.

Elizabeth Warren still won’t admit her Medicare-for-all is going to require a tax increase to cover the costs. They tell us that it will cost $32 trillion over the first decade. I want to remind you that we were told that Medicare would only cost $12 billion by 1990. That very year the cost was $110 billion. A little miscount here and there and the costs soared by 900%. I don’t even want to contemplate a 200% increase in her plan let alone a 900%.

Taxes will have to go up, payments to doctors and hospitals will go down and in a few short months we will see here what they see in England. Folks waiting for years to get treated. By the way, the rich celebrities who back Warren’s plan will have the financial ability to bypass the system and engage a private doctor elsewhere. I am sure the wealthy politicians will enjoy that same benefit that the rest of us can’t afford.

Joe Biden will keep himself out of the presidential race by proving to be his own worst enemy with his gaffes, his lies, his son’s questionable antics that cost plenty but return little.

Tulsi Gabbard will be fighting with Hillary Clinton as both try their darndest to appear relevant to this year’s political scene. I bet the rank and file Democrats wish Hillary would just stay home and bake cookies.

Donald Trump will make it hard on his base to be publicly loyal. His tweets and his ramblings diminish what he has accomplished in his first term.

Let’s face it. It is a toss-up to decide who is his worst enemy — the mainstream press or his tweets and mouth.

The scary events of tonight are nothing in comparison to what is in store for us until Nov. 3, 2020.