Dr. Bill Atwood

Rand Paul deserves an apology but he will never get one

Last week Senator Rand Paul was enjoying a meal at a restaurant while taking a break during his book tour. Two of the rudest folks to ever come out of New York decided to scream insults and profanity at him. They seemed proud of being rude New Yorkers and that they could act in such a boorish manner.

Democrat Maxine Waters had to be tap-dancing in her multi-million dollar mansion located outside of her congressional district at that act of rudeness. Ms. Waters has been calling for the harassment of conservatives for many months and encourages folks to find conservatives and to chase them down.

What happened to accepting our differences? Former Sierra Star columnist Peter Cavanaugh and I agreed on very little in politics and yet we not only were civil to one another, we enjoyed chatting, texting, and having a meal and beer together. Years ago the Mountain Democrat Club had a “Celebrity Night” at Crab Cakes with the liberals serving as the bartenders and the tips going into the scholarship fund. Peter had written a column about that event and invited one and all to attend on the upcoming Election Day.

I asked Peter if I was welcome to join them and he assured me that I was. I invited a couple of other conservatives, we sat at a booth, enjoyed a couple of drinks, fine appetizers and left a wad of cash to help the MDC raise more money for their Eleanor Roosevelt Scholarship. Once some of the folks who discovered who I was began to come over and in spite of the fact they had written letters to the editor attacking my opinions they were cordial and welcoming. Only two in the crowd were unhappy I was there, but they were willing to accept my donation to their cause.

My point is clear - we can disagree and not be disagreeable. The rude people from New York must have interesting friends because they would need to hide their heads in shame with most of us. The woman who did the insults seemed very proud of herself.

Gee, Granny’s 15 minutes of fame demonstrate to her family members how NOT to behave towards others. Whatever happened to the “Golden Rule”?

Over the years my wife and I have had to block a couple of numbers because folks would call my home and swear their vulgar taunts and insults. I find it fun to meet my readers in stores or restaurants and I really enjoy hearing their comments. Many tell me how they agree with me and many tell me they don’t agree with my opinions but they have always been polite and the people have never interrupted me when I have been with friends or family. Rand Paul deserves an apology but he will never get one.

Years ago a newspaper reporter from a large city was sent to a rural area to cover politics in a small town. At the local school board meeting, one citizen was really going after one of the board members. It was apparently rather heated. The next day, the reporter went into the pharmacy owned and operated by the board member only to see the citizen and him talking. The reporter asked what was happening and was informed that the two men were planning the weekend fishing trip. They were great friends who simply disagreed on matters about the schools. It was only at board meetings when they argued because that was, and is, the correct venue.

Maxine has fueled the fires of evil and hate.