Dr. Bill Atwood

Socialism? No, thanks!

What happened to the Democrats? It has been a short time since Barrack Obama brought socialism to them. All the Democrat contenders stood on the stage at the first debate and raised their hands in support of free medical for illegal aliens. They voice a great deal of support for open borders. They support sanctuary cities and order local police not to cooperate with the federal government ICE agents.

They want to give away free tuition to colleges and universities to everyone, universal pay to everyone, free housing, and free medical. Economics major AOC can’t define capitalism or socialism and her abilities were so stellar that after graduating she could not get a job in her chosen field so she remained a bartender until George Soros found her and funded her campaign. The socialist paid $300 for a haircut.

Socialist Bernie has multiple homes and drives a car valued above $150,000. He just got out of the hospital for a heart procedure that wasn’t equal to what others get under free health-care for all. Beto wants to take away guns and punish church-goers who disagree with his marriage values. We defend the Biblical concept of marriage and Beto dubs us all bigots and worthy of punishment. Just this month we learned Bernie attacked Elizabeth for being a capitalist. (He’s a millionaire) Elizabeth who did not realize that her blond hair and fair skin weren’t traits of the Native Americans so she claimed to be part of that group while it helped her get a job at Harvard. Now she can’t even cite her autobiographical past. She claims she was “shown the door” for being visibly pregnant. Poor victim. Alas, the record shows that she opted to decline an offer of employment from that school district so that she could have a baby and pursue her advanced college degree. The down-trodden one, according to her. She hasn’t been a victim at all.

Robert Francis O’Rourke thinks he is Hispanic which must shock his Irish relatives. He is married to the daughter of a billionaire so he lives well. Joe’s boy was hired at more than $50,000 per month sitting on a board in a company that deals in a product he knows very little about in a country where he can’t speak the language. The fact that daddy was the VP of the USA wasn’t in the equation, according to the national media or daddy Biden. Investigation of Hunter? A huge payout was dangled by Joe and in six hours that investigation ended. China skipped past real financial experts to select Hunter to invest its $1.5 billion. He showed his cost-saving ideas to them in China. He flew in on Air Force Two with Joe. Odd? Not to the DNC.

Hillary thinks she beat Trump in 2016 and is sure she can beat him again. Hillary needs to read the Constitution. There’s no popular vote counted, just electors. Adam couldn’t find a crime by Trump so he fabricated a transcript to suit his lies. Nancy believed Adam so they are running, without a vote, an inquiry because they can’t run against Trump.

The Democrats want free everything to everyone, higher taxes, more regulations, they want to kill babies in the womb up until birth and maybe even after the birth, they want to punish Americans in the practice of their chosen religion, and they want to take away your guns. Sounds familiar if you study the history of Russia, Germany, Korea, China, Venezuela, and Cuba.

Socialism eventually leads to Communism. No Thanks!