Dr. Bill Atwood

Dear elected officials, an open letter

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Dear Elected Ones:

We are tired of the activities we witness in our government. You are on our payroll and you use our money to play your games that are supposed to be a small part of politics but that became the only aspect of politics. The citizens in this republic sent you to the capitol to be our voice within this democracy. You are failing. There are homeless people that are turning our cities into third world conditions. Citizens should not have to see defecation and urination in public areas. Drug usage is rampant and we are tired of panhandlers. Figure out a solution and then get the problem cleared up. Our highways and byways are a disaster. We pay billions in taxes each day at the pumps when we buy gas and when we pay our DMV fees. Some roads haven’t been repaired since the Eisenhower administration first paved them with the beginning of the interstate highway system. Stop diverting the money to your pet projects. Fix the roads.

Leave us alone to figure out our own medical needs and desires. Every time in the past three years that I have had a problem with my insurance company paying my chosen doctor it has been as a result of some insipid government overreach into medical care. Socialism is wrong and it is screwing up a system that worked for millions. Stop pandering to a few at a cost to the many.

Stop the never-ending attacks on the president. He won, she lost. Don’t like it? Run a better candidate and a better campaign. You began the impeachment garbage before he took office.

You seem shocked that a Republican would nominate conservative justices and judges. To quote the last president: “Elections have consequences!” Get past the bickering and name-calling and accusations of deeds or non-deeds from 30 years ago. We don’t really care what they did in high school. Get over it and grow up.

I am a news junkie so I watch Fox and CNN daily and until now enjoyed hearing the news. Your pettiness is appalling. It delays the many pieces of legislation that need to be passed but are ignored.

Investigations and inquiries for political reasons are childish. So stop it

It seems many elected leaders can’t decide what you want to do after you have been elected. The junior senator from California ran for that office while being paid as the attorney general. She got to be the AG while running but being paid to be a district attorney. Now just months into a six-year job she is bored so she runs around the country looking to be our next president. Many of you do the same thing. Do the job we elected you to do while we are paying you, very well I might add, and stop seeking a better job. Unhappy where you are? Then resign.

Stop the frivolous lawsuits. Under the California governor since January, there have been many lawsuits that are meant to thumb a governor’s nose at a president’s ego. Don’t blame me for wanting a gun while you have armed guards protecting you. The NRA hasn’t shot anyone.

So elected ones, stop acting like petulant children. Do what we pay you to do or resign and let somebody do the work.


J.Q. Public