Dr. Bill Atwood

He thinks Comey’s actions show the ex-FBI director hates America

In 1964 there was a terrific movie showing across this nation. “Seven Days in May,” told the story of an attempted coup against the president by a small group of hawkish military men who were upset with how the president was handling the nation.

The movie showed how things had been put into place as well as how other actions were triggered to enable the coup to take place. Of course, the coup is exposed and the conspirators face the consequences of their treason.

This was a frightening concept for Americans as the Cold War was a serious threat to our lives. We had been through a World War against tyrants, and we had a cultural belief in the honesty and integrity of our leaders.

I was 12 or 13 when I saw that movie and the discussion around our dinner table included dad telling my brother and I that we needed to be vigilant as citizens and to be current with the news so we could keep that watchful eye.

Last week the report came out showing this nation James Comey was indeed a scoundrel. I think some of his actions and certainly his intent borders on treason. This man was trusted by many in government as well as the private sector and he was lauded when he was appointed to be the head of the FBI. That position is a very powerful one as the director runs a police force that can ruin people’s lives with its investigative powers.

The men and women who work in the FBI have proven to be trustworthy, professional, hardworking, and worthy of our praise and admiration. I’ve known a number of agents of that Bureau and think very highly of them and appreciate the talents they have shared with this country keeping us safe from the evildoers. They have been really let down by the upper-level management team that inhabits the seventh floor of the Hoover Building.

The Lord only knows all of what Comey and his ilk have done over the years in other cases and to other people. I doubt seriously that Jim Comey only went rogue in this one moment in time. There had to be others but we will never know. Worse is the unpleasant feeling in the gut that there exist his victims amongst us. What we are seeing is that James Comey decided Donald Trump should not be president and his co-conspirators agreed.

They started an investigation against Donald Trump before he became president and they set out to take him down if he did win the election.

We have learned that on the very day that Comey told Trump he wasn’t being investigated Comey left that meeting and recorded his notes on a secured computer while riding in his car to another meeting. That very day he unleashed his investigators in an operation to spy on the Trump campaign which was called “Crossfire Hurricane.”

We have discovered people tried to set up Trump and his people with sex stings in Russia, with documents that were unverified except by their own leaks, they never told the FISA Court judges who paid for the dossier (Hillary Clinton Campaign), they gave many passes to Hillary and her husband who committed many illegal and unethical acts and they tried to alter the election process voiding the will of the people.

His planned leaks to a professor friend started the “need” for the Mueller Report because Comey hated Trump. His actions show he hated America because he used his power wrongly.