Dr. Bill Atwood

Bill Atwood gets the concern about the environment. Just don’t be so jejune about it

A great friend of mine as well as William F. Buckley stated that a person should never use the words existential or jejune because nobody knew what they meant. Since I am using them I will share with you the meanings. In philosophy, existential means to be concerned with the existence of something, most especially human existence. In logic, existential means to affirm or imply the existence of something. Jejune means naïve, simplistic, boring or dull.

For decades we have been hearing about climate change. During high school in the late 1960s we were hearing about the coming of the Ice Age that was going to kill off humans because the Earth would turn too cold to sustain life. The alarmists were wrong.

Next we heard about global warming and that we were going to fry and be dead according to Ted Danson by the year 2000 and a number of experts in the field predicted that by this time in history we would be seeing most of the world’s population suffering under famine. Peter Gunter, a professor at North Texas State University, predicted that by 1985 the air pollution would have cut the sunlight reaching the Earth by half.

A few years ago the Global Warming Conference in Washington, D.C., had to be canceled due to a blizzard that shut down the airport and city. I don’t doubt that the climate is changing but the rhetoric and the screaming about the climate is jejune.

The current crop of Democrat Party presidential candidates talk about change in the climate and they constantly refer to climate change as an existential threat. If it is a threat so be it. They must feel that it sounds more threatening if it is existential or they think we will think they are really smart because they use that word. How jejune of them.

The people doing the shouting and the screaming and the lecturing seem to be hypocrites. They gathered a few weeks ago in France to discuss the existential threat of global warming. There were 140 private jets required for all of those elite people to gather to discuss the carbon footprint you and I are making. Carol and I recycle, we don’t have air conditioning in the house, and we changed our woodstove over to a cleaner-burning model. Al Gore uses 20 times more energy in his one house in Tennessee than most other families in his state. Yet they all warn us about the existential threat.

They have banned plastic straws based upon the essay of a young student. San Francisco International Airport just banned plastic bottles of water at the airport. The other plastic bottles are heavier but are still OK; the fewer water bottles will save the world.

The politicians who scream about the existential threat need to explain what existential means or spare the rest of us of the constant barrage of its usage.

What these politicians really want to do is to enact more regulations to control our lives with their ideas and to take away your money to give it away to others. There’s conversation now about the possibility of thermostats being controlled by the government. They tell us now it will be voluntary but when we don’t fall in line then it will come at the point of a gun. Remember, they want our guns, as well.

It is jejune and it isn’t an existential threat. It is simply a very real concern.

Gee, 10 existentials and 5 jejunes! Sorry, Buckley.

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