Dr. Bill Atwood

You can’t make this stuff up, but you can be incensed by it

What a week for news junkies! As humorist Dave Barry commented, “You can’t make this stuff up!” The well-paid pundits are earning their money explaining away the missteps, gaffes and positions of the politicians.

Flip-flopping Joe Biden has been thrown under the bus by friends in the Obama administration. Now we know why Obama hasn’t endorsed Biden. It seems that the former president told Biden early this year that he really did not need to run in 2020. Biden’s campaign folks have also determined that Biden makes gaffes in the afternoon and when he is seen too frequently. So we now see that his most ardent supporters feel they are backing a guy who can’t think on his feet, gets confused easily and can’t be trusted to think straight after noon. Remember, they want him to lead the nation for four years.

We discovered the FBI under the Obama/Holder/Comey watchful eyes heard that Hillary Clinton’s personal server hidden in a closet had been hacked by the Chinese and the FBI was “indifferent” to that national security concern.

CNN’s Don Lemon was accused of sexual assault witnessed by others.

It seems that two of the Democrats running for president want to confiscate our guns with mandated (felony) buy-backs. Not voluntary submission of our Second Amendment right; mandatory!

Two members of “The Squad” decided to not join their colleagues on a fact-finding junket to Israel. Instead, they want to create a sham event by asking to go to Israel on their own. They hate Israel and have called for boycotts and the elimination of Israel from the face of the earth. Israel decided they did not have to give those individuals a platform to spew their hatred and denied entry. Rep. Ilhan Omar used as a prop her grandmother as a reason to go because it would probably be the last time she could see the 90-year-old. Israel offered and then granted her request to come, she accepted the terms of the humanitarian gesture. No way, said the anti-Semite legislator from Minnesota. She apparently hates Israel and Jews more than she loves her grandmother. The new face of the Democratic Party!

Bill Clinton’s portrait of him in the Monica blue dress was found hanging in Jeremy Epstein’s Manhattan home. The liberals still love Bill Clinton after all of his antics, all his conquests, all his trips to Orgy Island, all the payoffs and yet he and Hillary are lauded as champions of women.

Bruce Ohr’s wife was secretly transmitting information to the FBI and Fusion GPS as they created the Russian hoax which led to the Mueller investigation on which Ohr worked. The information that the FBI knew the dossier was unverifiable was never shared with the courts. Or even its funding agent, the Hillary Clinton campaign.

The night of Trump’s election there was Robby Mook introducing the notion of the Russian government’s involvement in the election without offering a shred of evidence. Just planting the seed.

Finally; we have the Epstein suicide which occurred shortly after the dumping of several documents that named names of prominent governmental folks in his sex schemes. Bill Clinton being one.

If Mook hated Bill Clinton he would probably mention the other 30-40 who had dirt on the Clintons who committed suicide. I’d like to ask Vince Foster for his opinion.

The New York Times was recorded telling their news staff to swing away from the Russian story and now push the racism story for the next two years. That’s yellow journalism from the Gray Lady.

What a sad week.