Dr. Bill Atwood

We can’t have it both ways

On Aug. 7, the federal government sent in federal agents to round up 680 illegal immigrants who were working in chicken processing plants in Mississippi.

Each person arrested was detained when they couldn’t provide proof of legal status. However, the mainstream media is leaving off what agents did with all the detainees. Each was asked if they had children and if they did, then the agents ascertained that the children would be cared for. This was done by allowing those detained to call a friend or relative to care for the child. If there wasn’t a second spouse or parent available, those single parents were released to care for their child.

Were children separated from their parents? Yes. However, there are children separated from their parents every single day. A parent goes to jail, a divorce, or a parent skips out on the family. But we hear the outrage from the liberals that Trump is separating children from their parents.

The federal agents were simply enforcing the laws. They don’t write the laws and if the people in Congress want to change the laws, then they need to vote in that legislation. The Democrats controlled both Congress and Senate as well as the White House for the first two years of the Obama administration. They did little to nothing to change immigration laws.

But we can’t fault the agents for simply enforcing the law. The police should not be the ones to pick and choose which laws to enforce and when. The legislators need to write new laws, amend existing laws, or discard those arcane laws.

We can’t have it both ways.

We want law and order and, with due process, we want people punished and yet we also want compassion. We usually want compassion for ourselves or for people we know and love. It is the others who should face the judge.

I see it at Bass Lake.

Before I continue, I want to make it clear that this is not an attack on our local law enforcement officers. My complaint is on the wishy-washy attitude that Sacramento pushes about the enforcement of certain laws. At Bass Lake, there is limited parking at the Falls Beach Picnic area. This was worsened years ago when the state decided to “enhance” the parking area and paved, curbed, and designed a parking lot that accommodates only a third of the cars it once held. Hence a parking shortage.

The signs posted along Road 432 state clearly that there is to be no parking between the signs. Every summer weekday and especially the weekends there are cars parked illegally. Our local law enforcement guys don’t write tickets to the offenders which mean the lawless are rewarded for flaunting the law.

Years ago, I talked with a now retired CHP officer who shared that the higher ups really did not want the bad community relations for giving a tourist a ticket who is just trying to have a great time with their family. He shared that his superiors wanted him to see if he could find that car owner and ask them to move the car. No time for that, so the infraction is ignored. If that is what the higher ups want then just make it less of a problem and remove the signs.

Don’t have laws on the books that you don’t want enforced. Traffic or immigration laws need to be enforced or changed. One final thought, the liberals and the media never seem to complain when children are separated from their hero parent who is sent overseas by the military. Hypocrites!