Dr. Bill Atwood

Racism! Collusion! Good pay! Some cold water for today’s hot-button topics

There are some adages, tales and attitudes that while dated are also still relevant. One that comes to mind is the story of the little boy who cried wolf. The young lad would scream that there was a wolf attacking him and people would run to offer help. After finding that there wasn’t a real threat or attack the people simply started to ignore his screams and pleas for help. Then the moral of the story came out when he really was the victim of the attack and the people had simply learned to ignore him.

I think of this every time that somebody screams “racism.” To be sure, there was severe racism in this nation years ago. There are still pockets of racists here in America but nothing like what once was. It seems that whenever somebody disagrees with the policies or ideas of a candidate who happens to be a member of a minority that person doesn’t accept that their ideas are being questioned. They can’t seem to defend their positions so they cry out that the questioner is a racist.

Sadly, now that the term is used so frequently, real racism is ignored by some because many have grown weary, like the people of the wolf crying boy’s village, and move on.

I dislike the members of “The Squad” not because of their gender or their race. I dislike them because of their rudeness, their lack of decorum, and I really don’t like the ideas they promote that are pure socialism as well as bordering on communism.

The next phrase that comes to mind is, “Liar, liar, pants on fire.” Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler have been telling us for two years they had the goods on the president and his collusion with the Russians. The Mueller Report stated there was no collusion. These two, and many more of their ilk, continue to state that there was collusion. They ignore the fact that the Obama administration was in charge when all of these alleged events occurred but they still pander to their base with charges. So another phrase comes to mind: “Put up or shut up.” Adam and Jerry and the rest need to show the proof or shut their mouths. Enough already.

Another adage is, “Be careful for what you wish.” There have been people demanding a $15 per hour minimum wage. That works out to a $30,000 per year income. There are jobs that just aren’t worth that salary so the employer eliminates it. So we will have a few million folks getting raises, other folks seeing their co-workers now earning what they are earning as a result of their experience and longevity so resentment abounds while millions of others find their job has been eliminated or their hours reduced. The socialists don’t understand the simple rules of capitalism. It is the market place that sets the standards.

“Sticks and stones can break your bones…” is another phrase that many on the left need to learn. There is an attitude one may adopt that is attributed to both an African proverb as well as to W.C. Fields, “It doesn’t matter what people call you, it is what you answer to that matters.” It’s ridiculous to hear people claiming to be offended by someone’s comments and then the offended one demands that the speaker be fired, shamed, destroyed financially and shunned from society. My dad and all the other dads I knew would tell us to get over it and to move on.

We need to move on; after all, “there are other fish to fry.”

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