Dr. Bill Atwood

Gavin is a socialist but won’t admit it

When a company wants to increase sales they offer a bonus to the sales force as an incentive to work a little harder to reach the goal for the bonus. Parents use incentives to encourage better grades or cleaner rooms. Some call it bribery; I call it motivation. Incentives work so we use them.

We have a border crisis whether the Democrats want to admit it or not. They used to be concerned about the flow of illegal immigrants into this country but now because of TDS they have been stricken with amnesia. It helps we have them on video.

Our governor has a long record of ignoring laws and regulations as he feels privileged by his wealth and powerful political connections. When he was mayor of San Francisco he ordered his people to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples in total violation of state law as well as defiance against the voters who had just passed a “Protection of Marriage” law. He encouraged homelessness in his city. He has declared this state to be a sanctuary state so we don’t cooperate with ICE in ridding this state of criminals who are here illegally. He is defying the federal government regarding the funding of the bullet train. That action will lead to very expensive court battles.

So here we go again. In this state, there isn’t enough money to repair the roads, keep parks cleaner or to repair our aging infrastructure and yet Gavin the Giver and his Democrat legislator cronies now want the taxpayers to fund free health care to the illegal immigrants who are pouring in across the southern border which Gavin doesn’t protect with our state resources.

This offer of free health care will be spun as a way to protect the rest of us from illness carried by the illegal immigrants into this state. If they did not let them in, the diseases would not be brought in but that is beyond his thinking. He wants future voters for his party and he is willing to sell us all out. His family has armed guards, great wealth, and political connection so they are insulated from the realities of dealing with the woes caused by the illegals every day.

I really can’t blame the illegal immigrants. They are poor, from countries that offer them little hope, no money, and they see in the United States the golden opportunities. Many want the chance to avail themselves of the opportunities to make a better life for themselves and their families through hard work. Many others want the goodies and none of the work. This batch of liberal politicians who want to offer open borders, free housing, free tuition for school and college, now free health care, as well as the effort to grant them the vote along with the state ensuring that the state will not cooperate with the federal agencies in their deportation is a great list of incentives.

Gavin is a socialist but won’t admit it. He is willing to give away the store to garner more votes for the Party of giveaways. We can’t afford it.

If Gavin had budgeted that $100,000,000 to the public schools each school would have an extra $15 per student. Not huge but my district’s meager share would be $28,000. Trust me, we could sure use it. But no. Alas, Gavin the Giver wants to give another incentive to people who don’t need more incentives to trespass here. Better yet; let the people keep the $100,000,000.

I wonder when the local Democrats are going to wake up and smell the coffee.