Dr. Bill Atwood

Democrats in Legislature prove they aren’t smarter than a California eighth-grader

The Democrats in the Legislature have shown their zeal for more power as well as their complete and total disdain for the citizens of California by advancing legislation that would require politicians to produce to the public their tax documents for the preceding five years in order to be placed on the ballot for the office of president of the United States. This legislation will only serve to waste time and dollars as it will certainly face a court challenge only to be struck down by the Supreme Court if it ever gets that far.

In California, eighth-grade students are required to pass a test regarding the U.S. Constitution. I think the liberal members of our Legislature in California should be required to retake the test. The Constitution has only three requirements for a person to be president. That person must be 35 years of age, 14 years a resident of the U.S., and a natural-born citizen. Sorry, Democrats; but your hatred of Trump is trumped by the Supreme Law of the land. That pesky Constitution keeps getting in the way.

For their information: The Constitution places zero limits on the citizens and only on the federal government. States must accept that federal laws supersede state laws.

The liberals want to take us down a slippery slope. If the law can require tax returns for five years, why not other requirements? Maybe a rule that states they must have a college education, maybe a rule that states they must have performed 10,000 hours of volunteer work, or perhaps a requirement that they have served in the military. All these are laudable attributes but they do not exist as requirements to be president. Clearly, asking for tax returns is political grandstanding.

The disdain for us is troublesome. They did not like the outcome of the election so the Democrats have spent the past two years trying to undermine the election results. Collusion was the cry. No collusion was the outcome of the $25 million investigation. Adam Schiff claimed there was evidence and he was everywhere telling that lie. Rep. Maxine Waters, a politician who won’t even live in her own congressional district, has touted impeachment for two years. No crime but Waters uses the “I” word to feed her political base. She doesn’t do anything to help them but she has become very wealthy representing one of the poorest districts in California.

Democrats have ruined this state. We used to have a school system that ranked first or second nationally. Not any longer. Now we have homeless encampments in large cities making this state resemble a third-world nation. Sanctuary cities and open border attitudes make us all less safe. They want to restrict honest citizens from owning firearms all while being guarded by armed guards. And look at our tax rates!

Eric Stallwell is upset that the word “woman” doesn’t appear in the Constitution and demands a correction of that situation. He must have failed his eighth-grade Constitution test because while woman never appears in the text, neither does the word man. The words people, persons and citizens appear. I mailed Stallwell a copy of the Constitution last week.

The liberals’ actions show that they want to control us and our lives. They feel that they know better and they will trample on our rights to create a world they want.

Socialism doesn’t work. Open borders don’t work. Gun confiscation doesn’t work. Governmental overreach doesn’t work. Look at waht has happened in Venezuela and Cuba; look at what happened under the Nazis and the Communists.

They need to show less disdain for us.