Dr. Bill Atwood

Today’s Democrat Party is nothing like the one his grandmother supported

Humorists Will Rogers stated more than once that he found it easier when his candidate lost an election. He shared the opinion that it was “easier to criticize than to justify” the actions of that leader or their party.

As a Republican during the shameful Watergate experience I know how difficult it is to have to explain away some of the antics and policies of the National Party or the elected officials. At first you just figure it was one act then it turns to two, then three and soon you have to cut loose and separate yourself from the idiocy.

The Grand Old Party has a great legacy. It was a Republican president who signed the Emancipation Proclamation which freed the slaves. The Republicans were the deciding votes to pass the 1964 Civil Rights Act which was being blocked by the Southern Democrats. It was the Democrats who passed the Jim Crow laws which created de jure segregation. It was the Southern Democrat Party that gave birth to the KKK. A Republican president, Eisenhower, sent in the troops to ensure the desegregation of the schools in the South.

The Democrats brought us Social Security which started out as a supplement to our old-age pensions. Government programs always expand and now it gives money to children, as well as reducing benefits to some because they happen to earn a pension. Social programs seem to take from one group that earned it to give it to others who didn’t. I won’t go into LBJ’s War on Poverty except to say it never worked. More than $20 trillion on welfare programs and the poverty rate barely inched downward. Head Start has never worked, either, but 50 years later we still fund it.

Now many folks in the Democrat Party are seeing the DNC and the leadership advocating the practice of infanticide, the killing of any fetus for the convenience of the mom right up to the moment of birth, free health care for all including illegal aliens, free college for all, guaranteed income for everyone including those who don’t want to work, elimination of air travel and all fossil fuels, tearing down of every building in the country to rebuild in a “Green Manner,” open borders – except where Nancy, Diane, Chuck, Elisabeth and other liberals live – and the elimination of all private health insurance. The Green New Deal will cost $95 trillion and the health care for all an additional $35 trillion all over the next 10 years. They ration health care all over the world due to the costs. Is that really what local Democrats embrace?

Last week the Democrat-controlled legislature in New York voted to cut funding of college tuition for the children of Gold Star families while they used those dollars to fund college tuition of undocumented immigrants. These children lost their parent in the service of this nation and New York tells them they are worth less than people who are here illegally. The “Big Apple” seems rotten to the core.

Democrats have turned into an anti-Israel party and they do not condemn the anti-Semitic rants of their members of Congress who spout such vitriol.

Sadly the party of the working man that my grandmother, Nora, supported has become a party of anti-Semetic, pro-infanticide, socialists who want no borders and who champion keeping God and religion out of most aspects of our lives.

Nora Atwood would be shocked.