Dr. Bill Atwood

Democrats have been hoisted with their own petard

Prior to the election of Donald Trump as president, the Democrats were charging that the Trump Campaign was colluding with the Russians. After they were shocked that Hillary Clinton wasn’t elected, the campaign to discredit the winner began in earnest.

After 657 days and more than $30 million dollars, the Mueller investigation has reported that there was no collusion by Trump, his family, his campaign, nor was there any coordinated effort to collude with the Russians. The report stated that the Russians did interfere with the election but that the Trump people had nothing to do with that even after attempts by the Russians to contact the Trump people. Sorry, Adam, Jerry, Nancy, Charles, and the rest of the DNC crowd. NOTHING! Zippo, nada, zilch. You called him a traitor, promised indictments, stated you had evidence, and the end of Trump was at hand. The Democrats and the liberal talking heads on television have embarrassed themselves with hyperbole and scorn.

Jim Comey needs to be investigated because he did the leaking that started this mess by his own admission. The upper levels of the FBI under Comey need to be charged for their crimes. This nation has been held hostage by this waste of time and money led by a group so hateful of Donald Trump that they created false documents, plotted “insurance policies” in case DJT was elected, used their legal authority to promote falsehoods and lied to Congress and to the American people.

Clapper and Brennan used their positions of trust to poor use in their hatred of Trump that they spewed untruths right and left. It is a disgrace.

The pundits who so hate the president did not want this investigation to tell us the facts. They were salivating for the impeachment and his conviction on these falsehoods.

The economy is strong, unemployment down to record levels, ISIS is eradicated, stock market up, regulations less restrictive and all the Dems had was the hope that Trump did what they said he did. They have been hoisted on their own petard.

During this past couple of weeks, the campaigns for the DNC slot on the presidential ticket has been interesting to watch. The Democrats seem in disarray. Trump did not collude. Bernie is an old-white male millionaire socialist. Beto isn’t Hispanic but a young, very rich privileged white male. Warren is a wealthy white, non-Indian, rich woman. AOC grew up in an upper-middle-class neighborhood. Cory Booker’s rags-to-riches story is more of a riches-to-riches story. Harris can’t figure out which side of the crime issues she is on or off. Joe Biden is a very old rich white male who claims to be an ordinary guy. His son made a killing in the Uranium deal with zero experience in uranium or its regulations. I guess it pays to have the last name Biden. The Clintons taught Joe that style of marketing.

Hillary may finally have to explain her emails, McCabe and his cronies from the FBI need to lawyer up, and CNN needs to be ready to explain to P.E.T.A. why so many crows will need to be eaten by their talking heads.

Mueller’s few indictments dealt with acts perpetrated by the individuals during times when they were not involved with Trump or his campaign. General Flynn was in error in lying to the FBI. Want him in jail? OK. Hillary paid for the infamous dossier.

Trump is a scoundrel and a scallywag. The hate-spewing, vitriolic, pundits and the leaders of the DNC make Trump look like a choirboy.

Lock them up. Her too.