Dr. Bill Atwood

I can’t believe my Democrat friends really want this type of government.

I have friends who are staunch Democrats. We chuckle that we cancel out each other’s vote. Most of us have friends on both sides of the political spectrum and we all get along because we also share common interests and concerns.

We all have jobs, pay the bills, put food on the table, raise kids, support causes in the community, are active in groups and churches, and try to get away from the rat race once in a while for a vacation or a night out.

My friends who happen to be Democrats are fairly smart people and are sane. I wonder what they are really thinking now when they see what is happening to their political party. It sure doesn’t resemble the Democrat Party I knew when I was growing up.

In the past few years that party of the working man has taken a sharp turn to the left. It used to be that the radicals in both parties were the fringe element and not the middle of the road folks. Now it seems that Bernie Sanders and his ilk have so shoved the Democrats towards the left that everyone seems to see socialism as okay. It isn’t.

I cannot understand the idea that it is seen as better than capitalism. Capitalism is what has created the innovations which have improved the lives of billions of folks. Socialism seeks to take away from the wage earner the rewards for hard work and transfer that wealth to someone who did nothing.

Bill Gates has made billions with his creations. His being super wealthy doesn’t take money from me so I am not entitled to take any money from him despite what socialists think.

AOC and Bernie want to promise the sun, moon, and the stars with zero costs. They just intend to tax the rich even more. Right now 50 percent of the people in this country pay no income tax because they don’t earn enough. The top 20 percent of American earners pay 87 percent of the taxes now. That hardly seems fair but AOC, Bernie, and the Democrat Party Leadership wants to increase that groups tax burden even more.

The New Green Deal being touted by the DNC will eliminate fossil fuels, trains, planes, trucks, cars, and every building in the United States will need to be torn down and rebuilt to satisfy the new rules. By the way; the rest of the world will not be following these stupid rules so we become the newest third world nation.

The Democrats have come out for late term killing of innocent babies in the wombs right up to the moment of birth. They cheered that. If that wasn’t bad enough; they want to allow infanticide on babies after they have been born.

They also want open borders, limits on citizen’s ownership of firearms, free college, amnesty for illegal immigrants, much higher taxes, more regulations, $15.00 minimum wage, guaranteed income even if you don’t want to work, and they believe that Christians should not be appointed to judicial positions simply because they happen to be Christians.

The Medicare for all will cost $3,200,000,000,000 annually. Remember, “If you like your doctor…”? Now Kamala and her cronies want to outlaw all private insurance plans. You will be required to accept what they offer.

Socialism only works when the force of the government is used. So much for our freedom. The Democrats want the power to control our lives. I can’t believe my Democrat friends really want this type of government.

Just look at Cuba, Venezuela, or Russia to see what socialism does. Capitalism works!