Dr. Bill Atwood

Gavin Newsom is about to get Trumped by high-speed rail money


There is an old expression that reminds us that we cannot have our cake and eat it too. There are costs that come with actions and sometimes the cost is higher than we wanted but we still must pay. Sometimes the payment is simply having to play by the rules. The difficulty comes when the rules are enforced. Most of us live our daily lives by the rules and that is what helps to create a civilized society. When the rules are ignored or flaunted the fabric of society breaks down.

A couple of weeks ago, our new governor announced during his State of the State address that he was not going to continue with building of the high speed rail system begun under Jerry Brown. Gov. Newsom stated that there was no path for the completion of such a project. The terrain and the costs are too challenging. This was what the HSR detractors have been saying when it was proposed years and years ago. I asked a representative of the HSR program who was allegedly getting input from the citizens how the train would ever be able to cross the Tehachapi Mountains. He said they were working on it and he turned away.

They never asked the question of why somebody would take a bullet train from San Diego to Sacramento at the same cost as an airplane ticket and at a much faster speed of travel.

Gavin can’t seem to understand that when he announced that the project was being curtailed he started another ball rolling. The federal government wants their money back. California has missed deadlines, hasn’t come up with the matching dollars, has gone way over the projected budget and now the governor scraps the project. The feds are simply following the rules that were agreed upon when they sent the money in the first place.

But wait. Gavin is the same guy who as mayor of San Francisco announced the issuance of marriage licenses to gay couples when same sex marriage wasn’t permitted in this state. His famous line, “Whether you like it or not” was an arrogant defiance of the laws of this state.

Now he doesn’t want to play by the rules and return the money. When the White House makes demands for the refund the response from playboy Gavin was: “They are playing politics.” DUH!

Newsom wants to pull National Guard troops from the border that help keep illegal trespassers from coming into our state. Gavin’s family is protected by armed guards and his kids go to schools in nice areas. His family doesn’t deal with the fallout from the illegal impact. The governor wants to allow the homeless to have the run of the cities. Look what he did for San Francisco. You can’t walk through the city without the feces, urine, drug needles, trash, and the harassment. A once beautiful city destroyed and the former mayor leaves town.

Gavin Newsom tells us that he wants to help make California a great place to live. I believe him. His problem is that his liberal ways are not working. You can’t offer free stuff, free access, no restraints and then be surprised that people are willing to take and then want more and they don’t show appreciation.

So the takers keep taking and ignoring the rules and Gavin has demonstrated the same type of behavior about the HSR. Trump won’t allow him to keep the cash. Gavin will waste millions of dollars fighting that losing battle in the courts. Poor Gavin. He wants his cake. He’ll get Trumped.