Dr. Bill Atwood

A liberal and a conservative meet

A liberal and a conservative met on a snowy afternoon at Bass Lake. Paula was driving by my car when she noticed that I was stuck on the side of the road. I had grabbed the wrong set of Spike Spiders (an alternative to chains) and Paula offered to drive me the 1  1/2 miles back to my house to get the right set. She noticed that Carol and I had our nephew, Liam, in the car and I shared we were heading to Fresno for the Disney on Ice performance. Paula and her husband even offered the use of a car should the other set of Spike Spiders not work just so that Liam wouldn’t miss the show.

During the ride to and from my house, Paula shared that she recognized my name as being a columnist in the Sierra Star. I thanked her for reading and then she shared that she agrees with my friend Peter Cavanaugh and doesn’t agree with my politics at all. We talked about my helping the Sierra Star to meet Peter and getting him started with this publication. Then the conversation turned to politics and the sad state of affairs that the people in Washington really needed to grow up and act like adults rather than children. They need to get beyond the politics of the issues and get to solving the problems — together.

In the span of time it took Paula to drive one mile back toward my car, she and I solved the wall problem, immigration status of the DACA kids, the status of the illegal immigrants that are already here in such a way that both the liberal and the conservative would be happy. More importantly, all the immigrants involved would find it a fair solution. We realized that we solved the problem in short order. The Donald and the Nancy along with the Chuck need to talk and solve the issue. They could do it the Paula and Bill way. Take a one-mile drive and talk.

To Paula: Thanks again for your help and thanks to you, Liam did make it to Disney on Ice and got to do a “high five” with Mickey Mouse!

Two days later, my niece gave birth to her twin sons. She and her husband had thought the boys would be born on the 20th but the guys decided to make an early appearance. The miracle of birth is a beautiful thing and while the boys came in under 5 pounds each and 5 weeks premature the pre-natal care, a great medical staff at Clovis Community Medical Center, and the Grace of God they are in great shape and ready to reside in Ahwahnee.

In the same week the people of New York cheered with their governor at the passage of legislation that will allow for infanticide right up to the moment of birth. Worse was the word from the governor of Virginia who champions the idea of killing the babies even after birth for a myriad of reasons. A deformity, mental state of the mother or other such nonsense. Do we want to be a society that celebrates the killing of infants.

To think that there are people who would even consider ripping those bodies apart whilst in their mother’s womb is bad enough but to imagine being so consumed with evil that you would kill an infant once born and celebrate that as a woman’s right is beyond my comprehension.

I am delighted to know that Ethan and James as well as Liam live in an area with folks like Paula.