Dr. Bill Atwood

We deserve better

Nick Sandmann has to be thanking God for the existence of the additional video tape. There he was with members of his school group waiting for a bus to return them to their campus when Nathan Phillips approached them banging his drum and singing tribal songs. Nick stood his ground unsure of what was to come from the drum beating gentleman. In addition, the boys from the Catholic High School were taunted with vile slurs from a small group of activists known as Hebrew Israelites, as well as four African-American men who were shouting out racial slurs towards the boys. The boy’s only “crime” seems to come from the concept of “Identity Politics.” The boys were at a Pro-Life Rally and they were wearing MAGA red hats.

The press went wild with reports of how awful the Catholic boys had behaved and how they were blocking Mr. Phillips attempt to visit the Lincoln Memorial. Mr. Phillips even went on national television to tell his version of the events of the day. So horrible was the narrative that celebrities were calling for the boy’s names and addresses to be made public so that death threats could be delivered. Nick’s school and Diocese even threw him under the bus.

The nation was spellbound by the reports and the video that showed Nick with a smile, or smirk to some, on his face just inches from the Native American elder, Vietnam veteran who was being blocked by the Catholic boys.

Then the truth came out. Nathan Phillips clearly lied about the events. He wasn’t slightly in error but it was a false narrative. The proof was in the two hours of video tape that was ignored by a national press. Mr. Phillips wasn’t there by happenstance. He’s an activist who was looking to cause a commotion. He lied about being a Vietnam veteran and then changed that to being a Vietnam-era veteran which means when he served in the Marines during the last year of that war he was a refrigeration repairman stateside and never stepped foot in Southeast Asia. He also has a criminal record and went AWOL a number of times. So much for the “Honored Elder”.

The video showed that there was plenty of room for Mr. Phillips to simply walk up the steps to the Memorial. He chose to walk toward Nick beating his drum. The press left off that part of the story. The truth would have hurt their agenda. That afternoon Mr. Phillips went to a Catholic Church and tried to disrupt the Mass and the police had to be called.

However, the false story gave the National Press a story they could share while they ignored the true story of the day which was that 600,000 people from all across the USA stood in very cold weather and also marched in support of the unborn babies who are being ripped apart while in their mother’s womb all while the pro-choice crowd celebrate the slaughter of those human lives. The babies are ripped apart, their brains crushed with forceps, and the parts are either sold by Planned Parenthood for many dollars or simply flushed into the sewer system. The press wanted to ignore the 600,000 conservatives in favor of telling a story that was completely false except for the fact that Nick was there with a MAGA hat and a smile. The press has damaged his life.

We deserve better reporting. Nick deserved to be treated far better. The press which operates under the First Amendment ignored Nick’s Constitutional rights. Quite shameful.