Dr. Bill Atwood

And so it begins


Many of my readers have commented that I haven’t been writing about the political events of late and I reminded them that each year I stop discussing politics between Thanksgiving and the first week into January.

Many things have happened the past few weeks and one great thing to enjoy is that the system works. The election that took place in November told some elected leaders to stay put and it told others to pack their things and get out of the office. This month we have seen the orderly, peaceful transfer of power. The Founding Fathers sure knew what they were doing when they drafted the Constitution.

The Democrats have regained the control of the House of Representatives after a number of years and Nancy Pelosi has been re-elected as the Speaker of the House. She faced some serious opposition in her own party with a number of Democrats vowing they would never support her being selected as Speaker. Nancy knows how to play hardball politics and she picked off her opposition one by one. Her daughter stated it so well when she commented that her mother would cut your head off and you would not even know you were bleeding. Gee, her daughter’s loving comments don’t exactly conjure up the feelings in the same way a Hallmark greeting card seems to.

The Democrats still seem to want to invalidate the election of Donald Trump and so they want to waste the next two years investigating every action, every person, every transaction of his life in endless examinations of acts that are of little importance to most of us.

I don’t care what his tax returns state because I know that the IRS audits and they have the power to levy penalties as well as to collect back taxes, if owed. That is how it works. It is a time waster and they have other things to worry about.

The same people who are now screaming that they are against building “The Wall” were sure in favor of building a secure structure a few short years ago. Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and many others with “d’s” after their names favored building a wall. Now that Trump wants it, they don’t want him to have the campaign issue so they want to leave this nation without a protected border.

Nancy calls walls “immoral”. The Vatican has walls so I guess she finds the Pope’s home an immoral spot. Nancy states that she is a Roman Catholic so I wonder how her priest feels about her consideration that the Vatican is an immoral blot on the Earth. Then again, Nancy has slight disagreements with the Pope on a couple of other issues. The Catholic Church condemns same-sex marriage as well as abortion but Nancy disagrees with those tenets of her faith. Nancy has a fence around her house but I guess it is a moral fence. Nancy wants to spend time condemning income inequality in this nation but that isn’t a real issue. I make less than other teachers in other districts because my district pays less than other larger urban districts pay. I don’t feel cheated as my district offers other benefits. Great kids, safe campuses, and a supportive community. I hardly live in poverty so the inequality of my income to others is not harmful to me. The Democrats shouldn’t use Nancy as the face of the income inequality issue. She is worth more than $120,000,000 so there would appear to be a great deal of hypocrisy with her words.

It’s great to be back.