Dr. Bill Atwood

Do your duty and vote. If for no other reason, do it to honor a veteran

Election day is Nov. 6.
Election day is Nov. 6. Fresno Bee file

Election day is Nov. 6. Many veterans have stood in harm’s way, been injured or killed to preserve that precious right for us and out of gratitude and appreciation for their sacrifice we owe it to them to vote and to vote in an informed manner. Please don’t even think to utter the excuse that you can’t find the time.

Dr. Bill Atwood

I offer my recommendations on some of the races. I am voting for John Cox for governor for a couple of reasons. He’s a fresh, honest, conservative face and he isn’t Gavin Newsom. Newsom has proven to be a terrible lieutenant governor, mayor of San Francisco, a very liberal man who has routinely forced his ways upon that city and this state by ignoring the rule of law.

I am voting for Mark Meuser for secretary of state in the hopes that by getting somebody other than a Democrat, California may start to regain some balance in Sacramento.

I’m voting for Steven Bailey for attorney general since the current AG, Xavier Becerra, has proven that he uses his office to push his liberal thinking, chooses to enforce certain laws, frequently ignores immigration violations and seeks to charge any employers who cooperate with ICE.

Steve Poizner has done OK as insurance commissioner so I see no reason to change.

I have a problem with our U.S. senator. I detest Dianne Feinstein and her political positions however, Kevin DeLeon is far more liberal and I don’t dislike Feinstein enough to support DeLeon. So; I will hold my nose and vote for her for the very first time.

For state senator I will be casting a vote for Andreas Borgeas.

In the Madera County district attorney race we have two very qualified candidates so we really can’t lose, however I have listened and studied these two and have decided that Paul Hornick deserves my vote and I hope yours. Sally Orme Moreno bailed out to Fresno and I like a person who sticks with the fight.

On the propositions, I have already proposed voting yes on 6 to repeal that insipid gasoline tax. I will be voting no on 8 as it is the SEIC union that is promoting this as a way to strengthen their union at our expense. I shall vote no on 10 as I think the government should stay out of the rental income market. Every time the government starts to regulate a part of the economy, they mess it up. Landlords can be influenced by what the market will bear.

Finally, Proposition 12 appears to be a sneaky way for PETA to make eggs and beef so expensive that folks will eat less of those products. This measure will change how ranchers and farmers across the nation would have to raise their products and it would more than double our food costs for those items. Fast-food places, restaurants, our homes, everywhere would be affected by this group of vegans trying to change our diets.

On a different subject: The crazy bomber and the equally crazy gunman who were so filled with hate that they endangered some with packages and killed people who were simply practicing their religious beliefs are symptoms of a change in our society. We should talk, discuss and then vote because we need to remember that it is with ballots and not bullets that change should be made. There’s no room for the hate felt by either of these men who are solely the ones responsible for their misguided thinking.

Be sure to vote.