Dr. Bill Atwood

Sen. Orrin Hatch offers a good piece of advice for Kavanaugh detractors: ‘Grow up!’

Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, speaks to reporters after the Senate voted to advance the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court on Friday.
Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, speaks to reporters after the Senate voted to advance the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court on Friday. New York Times

After what could only be described as a despicable display of rude, boorish, mean and vitriolic behavior by the members of the Democratic Party as well as the national mainstream media, Brett Kavanaugh was sworn in as the 114th justice of the Supreme Court.

Dr. Bill Atwood

If you opposed this nomination based solely upon his conservative beliefs and hoped for a different choice I would have had zero problems with that sentiment. I wasn’t a fan of Justices Kagan or Sotomayor due only to how they see the Constitution. I understood that a Socialist/Liberal would nominate liberals to that court. That is why the Senate is asked to give advice and then consent. The Senate is to simply review the qualifications of the nominee. When Ruth Bader Ginsburg was asked how she would rule on certain issues, she stated she wasn’t going to share her opinions prior to hearing any arguments about a given legal question. That made sense to me. It is one of the few times I agree with Justice Ginsburg.

The Democrats have created a new meaning to the phrase, “How low will you go?” The word shameful barely covers the actions and words of the Democrats. No facts. No dates. No witnesses. No location. Throwing an ice cube? Really?

From the very start when talking points were issued against “XXX” as the nominee showed that the leftists were so concerned with losing the use of the courts to enact legislation they could never get enacted through the normal process that they were just against whoever it was.

Kavanaugh had already gone through the confirmation process numerous times, had been investigated by the FBI six times and had written over 300 judicial opinions. After getting over 40,000 documents the Democrats wanted to delay and delay as they asked for thousands of more documents.

Sen. Dianne Feinstein received a letter in July with uncorroborated accusations about the nominee from 36 years ago and she sat on her backside. When Kavanaugh was in her office she did not bring up the subject. She wimped out and did not call the White House. She wimped out and did not share it with the chairman of the Judiciary Committee. No; instead, Feinstein waited until she saw that Kavanaugh had survived the thousand-plus questions, the three days of scrutiny, the FBI background checks and then she dropped the bombshell at the last minute trying like a weasel to derail the nomination by asking to investigate these anonymous charges as the accuser wanted her privacy protected. Somebody told the press. It came from Feinstein’s office, Feinstein’s attorney’s office or from Dr. Christine Ford’s attorney’s office. The Democrats had hired Dr. Ford’s attorneys.

The concept of innocent until proven guilty has been tossed out by the liberals, progressives, Democrats and mainstream journalists. Now the simple accusation convicts a conservative, Christian, white male simply because he is a conservative, Christian, white male who needs to “sit down and shut up.” Joe McCarthy lives in the Democratic Party.

Liberals are encouraging people to resist and to harass conservatives at restaurants, offices and even their homes. I wonder how the Mountain Democrats would feel should a small group barge into their monthly meetings and shout rude, boorish comments. (Please don’t.)

The other dangerous Californian, Rep. Maxine Waters, encourages her followers to give no rest to the conservatives. This behavior is uncivilized and the encouragement from the leftists leaders will ramp up the actions until violence erupts.

Sen. Jeff Flake was accosted in an elevator and caved. Sen. Orrin Hatch was similarly accosted but offered some great advice to the Kavanaugh detractors: “Grow up!”