Dr. Bill Atwood

Left turns Kavanaugh hearings into a circus. America deserves better

Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh during his Senate Judiciary Committee confirmation hearing in Washington on Sept. 6, 2018.
Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh during his Senate Judiciary Committee confirmation hearing in Washington on Sept. 6, 2018. Bloomberg

Last week the Democrats showed the American people the philosophy that now governs their party. The former party of the working man has embraced Hollywood elites, the wannabe Communists who are calling themselves Socialists, and the shameful boorish behavior during the confirmation hearings for the next justice of the Supreme Court.

Dr. Bill Atwood

Wonderfully orchestrated were the disruptions by costumed people who were arrested and carted off. California’s junior senator showed us her boorish ways by interrupting the chairman to ask for an adjournment to a hearing that had just started. The interruptions by her and other members of the Democratic Party delayed the hearing for an hour at which point the chairman, Sen. Grassley, was able to make his opening remarks.

Democrats who formerly followed the attitude of “Pass it to see what’s in it” now want an additional 42,000 pages of materials on top of the many thousands of pages of opinions and rulings that Judge Kavanaugh has delivered. They need to be honest; they already know they will not vote for him and they are putting on a show to rally their base.

The leftists are concerned with Kavanaugh and they have need to be. Over the past few decades the liberals have only been able to push their agenda on us by using the court system. To name a few: Gay marriage wasn’t enacted by a vote of the people or most legislatures; the courts ordered it. Obamacare was called a tax and then not a tax by the court to allow it to stand. Death penalties have been outlawed by judicial activism. Abortion was legalized when the Robed Supremes created out of thin air a “Right to Privacy” in the Constitution that somehow legalizes the killing of 3,000 babies every single day. Those killings are celebrated on the left. Immigration protections are denied to law-abiding citizens by a judge in some small courtroom who was sought out because they knew that judge was liberal. The Left is concerned that once the Supreme Court becomes more conservative their means of political change would rely on the method that it should be – the will of the people. The Left doesn’t trust us and they feel they know better.

The Kavanaugh opposition already had the daggers drawn with talking points created and printed with spaces left to insert the nominee’s name. They see the Constitution as a “living document” and find the thinking of the Founding Fathers to be old hat and of little to no value.

The Constitution clearly limits the power of one singular entity, the federal government. All restrictions and limits are aimed at limiting the power and scope of that government. All powers not granted to the federal government are reserved to the states and the people. The leftists want to control you. Try to think of one single aspect of your life that isn’t regulated in some form or another by government. Freedom means being able to go about your daily lives without governmental interference.

That is why the Democrats are in a panic; they see that Kavanaugh views the role of a jurist as an umpire and not as an activist. Oh the horrors of it all when the Constitution is supported and laws are judged on one thing: constitutionality.

Senator Harris embarrassed California when she opened her mouth during the hearings. Had Hillary won we would have hearings about a leftist-leaning activist jurist. That person would have meant more government in our lives. At McCain’s funeral they talked of bipartisanship; and on the first day back they acted boorishly.

We deserve better leadership.