Dr. Bill Atwood

Andrew Cuomo one example of younger generation not appreciating what makes America great

In this Wednesday, Jan. 3, 2018 file photo, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo makes reference to his father Mario Cuomo as he delivers his state of the state address.
In this Wednesday, Jan. 3, 2018 file photo, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo makes reference to his father Mario Cuomo as he delivers his state of the state address. Associated Press

One of the many great things about this country is that we are a nation of immigrants. You could move to France and live there 50 years and while you would be a citizen of France you would never be considered French. You may become a citizen but unless you happen to have had relatives from that ethnic background you can’t become one of them. However, in this land everyone becomes an American. I detest the hyphenated stuff. I do not consider myself an English-American or a German-American. I simply am an American.

Dr. Bill Atwood

As such, once getting here legally one may pursue virtually any path one wishes to take. It is not uncommon for the first- or second-generation immigrant families to gain wealth beyond their wildest imaginations.

My grandfather was born in Berlin, his daughter was able to avail herself of a college education. Both of his grandsons were able to complete graduate school, become educators and have earned nice livings. I’m glad he came past the Statute of Liberty.

Mario’s dad came from Campania and Mario became a great student, passed the bar exam in New York and became a successful lawyer. Mario availed himself of the great opportunities this country offers and he ran for public office. There were some who hated the Italians, especially right after World War II, but the majority just listened to Mario’s words and ideas. Mario would remind folks what America gave to him and he would tell folks of how great America was and is. Mario became a governor of New York

Mario’s son, Andy, apparently ignored his grandfather’s actions and his dad’s words and successes which helped young Andy have some real privileges growing up as a rich, well-connected kid going to great private schools.

Last week, Andrew announced to his supporters at a rally that while President Trump stated during his campaign that his goal was to “Make America Great Again,” it could not happen because, according to Andrea Cuomo’s grandson and Mario Cuomo’s son, “America was never great.” A country that made possible the lifestyle enjoyed by folks like the Cuomos who came with little or nothing deserves far better from spoiled Andy. He could become the nominee for the Democrat Party to run for president of the United States. The Democrats could have a person who thinks America isn’t great wanting to be our leader. He could be joined by Socialists who want to end capitalism here and make sure that this great nation becomes like Venezuela or Cuba.

I guess the Democrats liked it when the son of a Kenyan immigrant was born in a nation that would allow that immigrant’s son to serve two terms in the White House and leave with a net worth of $50 million.

While Andy was declaring that America was never great, there was Hillary Clinton sending out a Tweet praising an 11-year-old girl who refused to stand for our national anthem. Sadly, that girl will find herself with her 15 minutes of fame for being named in Hillary’s insipid Tweet and she will feel empowered.

I just wish Hillary had spoken to that young girl and while praising her for wanting to speak out on issues Hillary might have arranged for that young protester to meet a disabled American veteran who paid for that girl’s freedom – or better, send that girl for a visit to Arlington National Cemetery.

The GOP is stuck with boorish Trump but the Dems have people who see America as contemptible. Andy’s grandfather would probably have plenty to say to Andy about this nation’s greatness.