Dr. Bill Atwood

Not much has changed, including this: Elections have consequences

Dr. Bill Atwood
Dr. Bill Atwood

My column hasn’t appeared in the Sierra Star the past couple of weeks. The fact is that I was privileged to visit Israel for 15 days which included a convention of 1,950 Anglicans from around the world and an educational tour of sites in the Holy Land.

Upon my return I was eager to get caught up on the local, national and international news. It seems very little has changed. Some in this country just haven’t learned to accept the lesson Barack Obama tried to teach folks at the very beginning of his first term, “Elections have consequences.” He stated that rather smugly to the Republicans during his first encounters with them at the White House.

It has been a little over 610 days since the voters in this country denied Hillary Clinton her chance to be president of the United States. This stunned all who had assumed that it was her time and her birthright. The voters followed their hearts and minds and selected in each state the slate that would meet as the Electoral College which would then elect the next president and it happened that the electors voted for Donald Trump. That is how the system works. We never vote for president or vice president; we vote for the electors who vote. Technically the Constitution doesn’t even address the idea of a popular vote. When Barack Obama was elected I wasn’t thrilled with it; however I always accepted the fact that he was the president and the system had worked. Too bad others can’t accept that they don’t always win.

So after my return from Israel, whiners are still questioning Trump’s election.

Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy announced his retirement which shocked few. When Barack Obama nominated justices and judges he surprised nobody and named liberals to be confirmed. I even wrote a column about the reality that the election had consequences and that they should be approved. It should come as no surprise that Trump is naming conservatives. It isn’t the wrecking ball, it isn’t Armageddon, it isn’t the end of the world, and it is an example that elections have consequences. When I voted for Trump I really voted because of two realities; He wasn’t Hillary Clinton and there would be Supreme Court nominations. I shudder to imagine what the Court would have been like for the next 30 years had Clinton selected Antonin Scalia’s and Kennedy’s replacements. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is 85 and Trump may be naming her replacement. The fact that Obama did not convince her to leave whilst he was able to name a replacement reflects poorly on him.

The economy is doing well, people’s confidence in America is growing, our enemies respect our power, regulations are being cut, unemployment is at record lows, minorities are getting more jobs and doing better, and the elitists are upset with everything.

The Democratic leadership is stating that Socialism is the new face of the Party and Democrats are urging people to commit acts that are uncivil toward those with whom they disagree. The liberals want no borders, free stuff for everyone, higher taxes, restrictions on citizens to own guns, more regulations, diversity-based advancement rather than merit-based and free health care to everyone here.

They have called for resistance to everything Trump. Someday the Democrats will regain control of the governmental branches. Do their current displays of intolerance toward different opinions serve as an omen to those who disagree with them? I hope not, because then we will have lost our freedom. Remember that elections have consequences.

Little changed!