Dr. Bill Atwood

Trump may be a louse but …

By Dr. Bill Atwood

It was interesting to hear the pundits on CNN offering a little praise to the Trump administration last week over the release of the three Americans from the prisons of North Korea. It appears that the North Koreans are trying to set the stage for talks between the two presidents. It also appears that the North Koreans have a willingness to consider denuclearization that comes from their realization that Donald Trump isn’t Barrack Obama.

The Iranian Deal was scuttled last week by the president. President Trump had lambasted that deal from the start of his campaign. He always felt it was a badly written agreement and one that the Obama administration agreed to simply to get any sort of deal. John Kerry gave away the store with little in return for the United States.

North Korea learned a lesson when the Iranian deal was dumped. The Obama “Lines in the Sand” and “Red Lines” were hollow threats and proved to be shallow at best. Donald Trump, on the other hand, is a loose cannon. That may prove to be great for us or else it can prove to be dangerous. At this time, I see the loose cannon to be a great bargaining chip. The North Korean government is led by a loon who is also a bully. His actions were not really challenged by the U.S. in the past as many administrations stated that a nuclear North Korea wasn’t acceptable. We did a great deal of chest-thumping. President Trump flexed some muscle and issued his threat via backdoor channels and tweets, and “Rocket man” caved.

Pundits are skeptical about the U.S. going against the countries who have opted to stay with the Iranian deal but I doubt the United Kingdom or France will sever ties to this country. They just haven’t seen much in the way of strength from the U.S. during the Obama years so they are taking a wait-and-see attitude.

In the meantime:

▪ Nancy Pelosi is sharing with folks her intentions of remaining the leader of the House Democrats and predicts that she will be the majority leader after the election in November. Pelosi may just be what the Republicans will need to win the election as she is telling everyone that should the Democrats win control of the House and Senate, the tax cuts will be revoked and we will be sending more of our dollars to her ilk to spend on stuff they like.

▪ Hillary Clinton is telling everyone another reason why she lost the election. Gee; men ordering wives to vote for Trump, Russian interference, deplorables, sexism, Comey, as well as a number of other reasons. I believe that the reason she lost the election is simply a matter of bad timing on her part. She happened to run for the office on the very same day that Donald Trump was running.

▪ President Trump’s numbers seem to be improving. People aren’t really shocked by the Stormy Daniels story. We knew he wasn’t a choir boy before the election. Daniels simply is a person who slept with him one time, threatened to tell, was paid $130,000 in agreement to not tell and now has shown that she kisses and tells in violation of her agreement. Her attorney is a slime ball.

The economy doing well, taxes lower, stock market up, ISIS on the run, North Korea wanting to calm down, Gorsuch on the Supreme Court, illegal immigration being addressed and governmental regulations being slashed. Trump may be a louse, but he’s getting the job done. Works for me.