Dr. Bill Atwood


After kicking the budget can down the road on a number of occasions the Congress finally decided what to do. The House passed their bill and sent it to the senate. Having discussions, press conferences, more meetings, more discussions, the Democrats, led by minority leader, Charles Schumer, and decided that the Democrats in the Senate would put the welfare of 700,000 DACA kids ahead of every other single American in this country.

Remember that there is absolutely nothing in the Bill they were asked to vote on that the Democrats had any objections to supporting. What Senator Schumer is doing is simply holding the rest of us hostage over an issue that is not even in the legislation upon which they are voting. In fact; there currently isn’t any legislation even drafted to vote on and yet Charles Schumer has played politics and not Statesmanship in his nefarious actions against the rest of us.

The DACA deadline occurs March 5 and so there exists no immediate danger of deportation to any of those 700,000 kids who have been living under an Executive Action signed by President Obama. Obama knew he did not have the legal means to take his course of action but chose to do so by Executive Action knowing that any court case would take longer at trial than the deadline of March 5, 2018.

I feel that Barrack Obama is the first in line to blame for putting these people at risk of deportation because he simply kicked the can down the road. Jimmy Carter started the problem when he granted his “one time only” amnesty back in the 1970s. Many poor around the world came here because they figured amnesty would become more common-place. Thanks for kicking the can, Jimmy.

President Trump ran on a platform that called for building a secure border for our nation. The people who argue against such protection call any who desire secured border’s either racists or bigots. I bet you would have a difficult time getting into one of the Hollywood elites houses, parties, or country clubs because each of those have fences guarded by armed personnel. Try to walk into the Academy Awards ceremony without a ticket and illegally sit in a seat in that theater. Why can’t the United States protect its borders like every other nation on the planet?

I feel that the answer is simple and horribly un-American. Senator Schumer and his ilk desire a couple of things. They are on a rampage to discredit Donald Trump over everything. Schumer talks of bi-partisanship but seems to work the other way. Secondly; the democrats have been pushed so very far to the leftist Socialistic agenda that mainstream Americans are no longer supporting them at elections.

The Democrats seem to be on a path to get the DACA kids and many other illegal aliens into our country with full citizenship benefits that the Democrats will have a huge voting block for years to come. No amnesty, potentially no Democrats winning in a few years.

Most Americans feel a great deal of empathy for the DACA kids who were brought here illegally by their parents years ago. Not every DACA kid is a class valedictorian or champion. Some are criminals but Americans are ready to give them a break but not the chain of relatives that want to follow into the USA.

Senator Schumer has demonstrated; along with his Democrat colleagues a willingness to place those illegally trespassing undocumented 700,000 kids ahead of 320 million hardworking, legal citizens for political gain.

Maybe Senator Schumer’s can should be kicked.