Dr. Bill Atwood

Acts of Treason

Happy New Year. Each year I refrain from writing about political events and thoughts between Thanksgiving Day until after Christmas.

There has been a great deal going on since Thanksgiving and it was difficult to restrain myself from making comments but now I may. I am hoping that this new year brings some jewelry and new housing to a few people in the public arena. Hillary and her cohorts need to finally be held accountable for their acts of treason.

I remember that there was a sailor who happened to send one photo to his family from aboard a nuclear submarine and he was arrested, tried and sentenced to prison for violating the very clear rules about transmission of classified materials. He knew the rules and was punished.

Hillary and her aide Huma were exchanging classified documents on unsecured computers to such a degree that the sheer volume is overwhelming. Pervert Anthony Wiener, Huma’s hubby, had copies of those documents on his personal computer. Hillary had her files stored in a bathroom closet in Colorado under zero safety controls.

Nothing happens to her. Jim Comey, believing that Hillary had the election sewn up, decided to excuse her behavior prior to the investigation as witnessed by the release of his notes written prior to the Hillary interviews.

Bill Clinton’s arranged meeting with Attorney General Lynch on the tarmac set the stage for Lynch recusing herself. Comey being caught in the center and Hillary finally gets interviewed by the FBI without any reading of Miranda or being sworn in thereby allowing her to lie, fudge, dodge or hide the truth under no penalty of perjury. She needs handcuffs and a jail cell. So does Comey as I consider him now an accomplice after the fact. Don’t forget Benghazi either.

Nancy Pelosi refers to the new tax cuts as the worst legislation ever voted on in Congress. Once again she shows her venomous rage and ignorance. Nancy should look at some of the legislation passed in our history and I will offer just five that I think are really awful. The Alien and Sedition Acts were passed early in our history to outlaw any comments against our government by any citizen.

The Indian Removal Act of 1830 took Indians off their land, seized their property and relocated the tribes to the west of the Mississippi. Worse than keeping more money in your pocket?

The Fugitive Slave Act encouraged bounty hunters to capture runaway slaves. Nancy finds that act less harmful than the tax cutting by the Republicans. The Volstead Act outlawed alcohol. This created a huge market for the mobs and gangsters plus turned many law-abiding citizens into moonshiners. Less evil to Nancy than us keeping more of our own money?

The Gulf of Tonkin Resolution gave President Johnson unquestioned authority to wage a war without Congressional approval. Look at what has followed since that precedent was set. Nancy doesn’t see that as worse than a tax cut. She needs to close her mouth, retire, and leave us alone. If you don’t like the tax cut then send your share back to the federal government. They use those returned funds to pay off the national debt. I’m going to enjoy spending mine.

At the state level, Jerry Brown has just endangered many Californians by granting a pardon to a couple of illegal immigrants who have been convicted of felonies thereby nixing the possibility of the federal government deporting them. So, thanks to Jerry, California continues to be home to a couple more bad guys who use guns against nice folks. Jerry is safe because he has armed guards.