Dr. Bill Atwood

Nothing and nobody

Well, well, well.

Ever since the left was astonished that Hillary wasn’t granted what she assumed belonged to her they have been trying to fix blame. It was Comey, Russians, Fox News or deplorables. What they never accepted was that they lost because Hillary isn’t beloved and her policies are way left of where most Americans agree.

For months we’ve heard that the Russians and Donald Trump colluded with one another to defeat Hillary. After almost a year of charges, and many months and millions of dollars of investigations there isn’t any proof from anywhere that the President and Putin colluded. We can be certain of this for a few reasons.

Washington DC leaks like a sieve. Had there been anything somebody somewhere would have leaked it to the, left-leaning national media and we would have heard plenty. Nothing. Now Diane Feinstein and others are admitting that there isn’t anything proving collusion by Trump or his staff.

We have learned that the DNC funded the research and publication of a dossier that is so ladened with falsehoods that it is very close to being in violation of our laws. We know there is something wrong when all the leading Democrats are distancing themselves from the dossier.

Nobody seems to know who authorized spending $9 million dollars on such a thing. The candidate did not. Her campaign manager did not. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz did not. Not Fallon or Podesta. Nobody. They admit they did not ask questions so that they would have plausible deniability.

It seems the collusion with the Russians was taking place. The Dems have shown it was the Dems doing the collusion.

We have heard that Jim Comey had already started to prepare his exoneration of Hillary prior to her being investigated. I guess Slick Willy’s tarmac visit with Loretta kept his wife out of prison. At least for a while.

We are now seeing that Hillary’s State Department signed off on 20% of the American Uranium to go to the Russians. Who would ever think that is a good idea? I guess they thought it wise just after $145,000,000.00 was donated by the people working on the Russian side of the Uranium deal to the Clinton Foundations and that the past predatory President received double his usual speaking fee from the bankers in Russia.

Let’s review. The DNC colluded with Hillary’s team to cheat Bernie out of help for his campaign. Hillary and her campaign team collude with the Russians to develop a dossier of falsehoods about Trump. We taxpayers have paid millions investigating those falsehoods.

The Clinton’s get $145 million bucks and Hillary agrees to give away uranium to our greatest enemy. Hillary’s top aide’s hubby had 2,800 classified documents on his unsecured computer from his wife’s accounts.

Hillary erased thousands of e-mails after having been asked to surrender them. Clinton friend and supporter Harvey Weinstein has been assaulting women for years and the Clinton’s don’t return his money or get rid of it claiming those very dollars were already spent.

Is there a pattern? Rose Law Firm, Whitewater, Monica, Bimbo-eruptions, Benghazi, unsecured e-mail, Vince Foster, and other Clinton scandals.

The Russians apparently were involved in some violations of our elections which took place under Barack Obama’s watch. The collusion that took place apparently involved the Democrats. The national media seems to have lost a great deal of interest in the Russian collusion story this week.

Along with these scandals the IRS has admitted that Lois Lerner and others in the IRS did target conservative groups in an attempt to hinder those groups’ political activities.

The swamp stinks.