Dr. Bill Atwood

God’s presence in Vegas tragedy

For years we have heard that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. But what happened in Las Vegas on Oct. 1 was so horrific that the tragedy was related to people around the world.

Fifty-nine lives cut short by a madman who decided for, as yet unknown reasons, to spray thousands of rounds of ammunition into a crowd at a concert. Those victims, along with the more than 500 others who were injured in the rampage meant nothing to the imbecile. They were not causing him harm or annoyance. He simply desired to kill.

During his rampage, there were hundreds of acts of bravery and heroism that saved countless lives. Strangers covering others to protect them. Off-duty cops taking charge in some areas to protect the innocents in their area. One off-duty officer convinced a musician to surrender his weapon so that the officer could guard the door and take the point of danger. We heard about the Marine who found a truck with the keys in it and essentially “stole” that truck to transport injured to area hospitals. He faces criminal charges and perhaps the insurance company could charge him for the cleanup fees from the spilled blood but I seriously doubt any DA will prosecute him. Certainly no jury would convict him.

Some people begin to ask where God is in all this. The non-believers use these incidents to ask that if God is so loving why does He permit this to happen. The fact is that there is evil in the world. The believers know that God’s mercy and grace will get the families through the tragedy and they will share that there were many events within the shooting spree that certainly seemed “heaven sent.”

That Marine happens to find a truck with the keys in the ignition. In Las Vegas? What was the truck owner thinking? The people who knew First-Aid were there to help those who needed it. The number of off-duty cops that were available to respond along with the number of active duty veterans who were in the right place at the right time to help others who found themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Then there are the politicians who follow the Rahm Emmanuel rule of life to never let a crisis go unused. Within hours, Hillary was attacking the NRA because they are against some legislation regarding silencers. Tim Kane supported Hillary’s notion without bothering to check the facts that a silencer would have had nothing to do with this incident. We need to remember that all the guns were purchased legally by the slimebag that pulled the trigger. Agreed, he illegally altered those weapons but the existing laws would not have prevented this from happening.

I place zero value in the opinions of any person who calls for more gun-control legislation that limits my Second Amendment Right when those individuals are protected by armed guards behind security fences. When Hillary gives up the Secret Service protection, and the others dismiss their security teams, then they may face the same danger that we mere mortals face.

Americans have come together over this. The blood banks were overwhelmed with the response from donors. American businesses have sent donations to the organizations ready to assist the victims. The Vegas hotels offered free rooms to the families to come and stay while they had to deal with retrieving their loved ones.

Satan was on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Hotel. God’s involvement was all over the place. It was even there in “Sin City.”

Pray for the victims.