Dr. Bill Atwood

Angels in our lives

This past Saturday at the Heritage Days Parade, people were waving at the parade participants as they walked, drove, or rode by. That happens at every parade in the world. What was enjoyable to see and to hear was the reception for the local firefighters.

When Cal Fire and the U.S. Forest Service went by, many people stood up to applaud and shout out words of thanks and praise. It is easy to know why a community of folks would want to thank those who fought a fire that threatened thousands of people, thousands of homes, and tens of thousands of acres of timberland.

When we see efforts such as these heroics we enjoy having the opportunity to extend our thanks along with telling others of our deeply felt appreciation.

Around this time of year the Mountain Bear Fan Club hosts a program known as Angels Amongst Us. Annually this club seeks out the names of those people around this area who happen to be Angels to one or more of us. Frankly; I can’t imagine that there aren’t numerous nominations for the firefighters and emergency responders from this area already pouring into the nomination committee. However; there are many other heroes to honor because they serve as Angels in a seemingly simple manner, yet the outcomes are wonderful for those that the Angels have helped.

The local Bear Club gifts more than 10,000 bears and other stuffed animals to people who have been traumatized by events in their lives in the local area as well as around the nation. I would use those bears at my school when I was a principal to help a child get through a tough patch in their lives.

The gifts of the bears are wonderful and can be the subject of another article but here is an opportunity for you and I to tell that Angel in your life that you really appreciate their efforts on your behalf. We also get to share what they have done or continue to do that makes life better for we who live in the Eastern Madera County area.

The area is filled with these folks and it is time to honor them for their work. It may be the neighborhood kid that puts out your trash cans each week without pay. It may be the friend who will drive you to the doctor’s appointments or the business that donates to your organization every time you ask.

These angelic acts don’t appear to be earth shattering in the scheme of life; but they sure help the recipient. Years ago I made comment to an African Missionary that so many people ignored the minor miracles of life and only concentrated on the major miracles. Father Joseph told me that there really weren’t major or minor miracles because all miracles seem to be just the right size. He described it by telling me that if a man is hungry he doesn’t need a farm at that moment but someone to offer him a sandwich. Who knew that a ham on rye could be a miracle?

Many of us moved here because we wanted to enjoy the beauty of the area but we stay here because of the people. Amongst those neighbors are a small band of Angels who quietly make our lives better and easier. I encourage you to stop for a few minutes, write a letter of nomination (P.O. Box 2071 Oakhurst) to the people in the Mountain Bear Fan Club and tell them about that heavenly person in your life; your favorite Angel Amongst Us.